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Europe Phys Geo

Europe's Dramatic Landscape

Why is Europe called the Peninsula of All Peninsulas? The entire continent of Europe is a peninsula with smaller peninsula's jutting out from it.
Name two peninsulas Italian, Iberian, Balkan, and Scandanavian
What are Europe's tallest mountains? ALPS
What is a a body of land nearly surrounded by water? Peninsula
What is the vast area of flat or gently rolling land from France to Russia? North European Plain
What currents bring warm water/air to Europe to help warm Europe's climate? Gulf Stream and North Atlantic Drift
What is the southernmost sea in Europe that seperates Europe from Africa? Mediterranean Sea
using the sea for transportation Seafaring
Why did different cultures developed in Europ? Europe’s mountains create natural boundaries between the people of Europe
Why did cities spring up along the rivers? Europe has many rivers which are used for trade and transportation
Why did Europeans become seafaring people? Europe has long coastlines and great harbors
Norway, Sweden, and Finland Scandanavia
world’s largest inland sea Caspian Sea
largest of the British Isles Great Britian
largest river in Europe that runs through 9 countries Danube River
peninsula in southern Europe that is mostly mountains with the same name. Balkan
Europe’s climates are mostly _______ except in the very north which is cold and snowy. WARM
Europe’s western side gets a lot of ________ due to the ocean Rainfall
Dry area on the side of mountains Rain Shadow
Five natural resources which led to Europe's Growth Water, Fertile Soil, Minerals, Fossil Fuels, and Timber
Most of Europe’s land is used for ____________ and _____________. Farming and Forest Land
Europe is a very densely populated region - True or False TRUE!
Most people live in the cities - Where are the cities? North European Plain / Along the rivers
Why did industrial centers develop along the plains? coal deposits
Why is Northern Europe not heavily populated? too cold
Spain and Portugal Iberian Peninsula
Which physical features influence Europe's climate? Oceans (large bodies of water) and Mountains
How does Europe's natural resources boost it's economy? By creating products with their raw materials, they were able to sell and trade which boosted its economy.
River in London, England Thames River
Island just south of Italy Sicily
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