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McCann-Animal Farm Vocab.Background Info

communism the term means "commonly owned'. It is a system of government that calls for a 'classless" society where everything is owned together-no rich or poor. The ideas is that people will work together so well that there is no need for a ruler.
propaganda It is intended to manipulate and control people through unclear language meant to confuse them-making them unable to distinguish between truths and falsehoods. It is the main method used by totalitarian governments to gain control of the working class.
The Bolsheviks communist group Led by Lenin;overthrew Czar Nicholas II
Nikolai Lenin brilliant, strong-willed dictator of the Bolsheviks;believed that Russian could become a communist nation. Gained control over Russia after the successful overthrow of Czar Nicholas II in 1917
totalitarianism a government led by one, controlling and manipulative dictator who relies on terrorism and and torture as a means to control the people.
proletariat working class.
scapegoat something or someone that a leader blames for all of the problems and/or bad conditions that arise.
capitalism an economic system in which ownership and profits/wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations
Joseph Stalin a ruthless communist dictator of Russia 1924-1953;took over after Lenin died. He surrounded himself with loyal followers. Anyone who disagreed with him was either shot or sent to Siberia.
Russia country in Europe; setting of the Russian Revolution and our novel, Animal Farm. Symbolizes Manor Farm in our novel.
Created by: Ms.McCann