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Fall Semester Review

Geography, Western Hemisphere, Europe and Russia

What are the two major lines of latitude and longitude at zero degrees? Equator and Prime Meridian
What are the four major reasons for movement in the Push-Pull Theory? Poverty, Land, Government, War
What are the two basic standards of living for countries and their definitions? Developed-Wealthy Undeveloped-Poor
Plate Tectonics and Continental Drift are the two theories that explain the movement of what? Continents
A dictatorship is an example of what style of government? Unlimited Government
A democracy is an example of what style of government? Limited Government
What are the four economic indicators of every economy? Life Expectancy, Death, Birth Rate, Literacy Rate, and Gross Domestic Product (GDP
What does GDP mean? Gross Domestic Product
What are the three types of economic systems? Traditional, Market, Command
Free enterprise is part of what type of economic system? Market
Communism is part of what type of economic system? Command
Basic farming and trading is part of what economic system? Traditional
What are the four economic industries of every economy? Primary-Raw Materials Secondary- Manufacturing Tertiary- Services Quaternary- Technology
What is a landlocked country? a country completely surrounded by land on all sides.
What are the four sets of values every country shares? Language, Religion, Values, Customs
NAFTA North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement
What does NAFTA do? Provides free trade between Canada, United States, and Mexico
What tribe used aqueducts to transport water from the Andes mountains? Incas
Subsistence Farming farming enough crops to support one's family.
Largest mountain range in South America Andes Mountains
Largest rainforest in the world Amazon Rainforest
Second longest river in the world Amazon River
Significance of the Panama Canal Links Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
What is the purpose of the St. Lawrence Seaway? Transportation Corridor
What were the people of Quebec fighting over? Language
Deforestation removal of forest
What are the two theories that explain the movement of continents? Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics
What allowed conquistadors to conquer the Mayans, Incas, Aztecs? Advanced Weapons and Disease
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