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Physic 2 unit 2 HW

The three principle parts of an x-ray imaging system are: x-ray tube, control console, and high voltage generator
The primary purpose of the glass envelope of an x-ray tube is to: Provide a vacuum
The protective housing of an x-ray tube is designed to: reduce the hazard of leackage radiation
A diagnostic x-ray tube is an example of which of the following? Diode
The large filament is used during radiography when the heat load is: high and visibility of detail is less important
In most x-ray tubes there are two filaments to: Provide two focal spots
The focusing cup : Is usually made of thoriated tungsten
Once filament tempature becomes adequate, a further small rise in filament tempature will cause the tube current to: Increase very much
The cathode beam of an x-ray tube is the: Focused electron beam within the tube
The x-ray tube current: is controlled by the filament current
Most x-ray tubes used for radiography: Are dual-focus tubes
The cathode is: one of the two parts of a diode
When a filament burns out The filament current goes to zero
The space charge effect: Occurs in the vicinity of the cathode
The x-ray tube filament: Conducts approximately 5 A
If saturation is achieved and the filament current is fixed, tube current remains fixed
X-ray tube current: is zero when filament current is below therionic emission
A stationary-anode x-ray tube: incorporates the line-focus principle
The heel effect occurs because of: x-ray absorption in the anode
The main reason for using the line focus principle is to: reduce focal-spot size
Rotating anode x-ray tubes incorporate the line-focus principle
X-ray intensity is higher on the cathode side than on the anode side because of which of the following? X--ray absorption in the anode
Which of the following target angles is characteristic of a rotating anode x-ray tube? 10 degrees
Small target angles result in which of the following Small focal spot size
Molybdenum is used foe anode stem material because of which of the following? It has a high atomic number
Tungsten is the choice material for x-ray anodes because of its: high atomic number
The effective focal spot is smaller than the actual focal spot
The heel effect requires that the cathode be positioned to the thicker anatomy
What is the prominent engineering difficulty in the manufacture of high-speed rotating anodes? balance of the rotor
Which of the following is a component of an electromagnetic induction motor? Stator
Necessary properties of x-ray target materials include which of the following high melting point
The anode angle of an x-ray tube is increased to give which of the following? higher heat capacity
Which of the following components of a diagnostic x-ray tube is on the positive side of the tube? The stator
As the anode target angle increases Effective focal spot size increases
A stationary anode will most likely be used in which of the following? Dentistry
Which of the following is not a function of the anode? Thermionic emission
Which of the following is the principle hurdle in the design of an x-ray anode for high-capacity radiologic technologist? Heat dissipation
The high speed rotor(10,000 RPM) permits longer exposure time than the low speed rotor at single phase operation(3400 RPM)(T/F) True
Most of the troublesome heat generated in an x-ray tube occurs at the filament(T/F) false
Generally a small focal spot allows longer exposure times than a large focal spot(T/F) false
The radiographic rating chart reports the time that should elapse between exposures(T/F) false
It is not possible to exceed the heat capacity of the housing without first exceeding that of the anode(T/F) false
A tube can become "gassy" because of the anode overheating and the release of the gas. (T/F) true
The radiographic rating chart is designed primarly to protect the filament.(T/F) False
Rotor spped does not influence heat capacity.(T/F) False
Heat units (HU) can be expressed as exposure rate in R/min(Gya/min) (T/F) false
How many units are produced by the following radiographic technique: 100 kVp, 150mA, 500ms, single phase, 3400 rmp, 0.6mm focal spot 7500 HU
Look at chart What is the maximum number of heat units that the anode can absorbe? 300,000 HU
Look at chart How long would it take the tube to cool down completely from maximum heat as determined in the previous question? 8min
Look at chart If the anode absorbs 200,000 HU, how long will it take to cool completely? 6.5min
Look at chart If an anode absorbs 180,000 HU how long will it be before another 180,000 HU can be absorbed? 15min
If a single exposure with factors slightly exceeding those permitted by the appropriate radiographic rating chart, which of the following would be the most probable result? The useful life of the tube would be reduced
If a single exposure with factors greatly exceeding those permitted by the appropriate radiographic rating chart, which of the The anode would pit or crack
Which of the following conditions will not damage the x-ray tube Exceeding the prescribed SID
In the design of a rotating anode x-ray tube Most anodes rotate at 3400 or 10000 rpm
The formula for heat units (HU) in a single phase high voltage generator is kVp x mA x s
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