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16 mm Midterm 2

Camera 1

What kind of film does the Arri 416 shoot? supper 16 mm
The seven shutter angles of the Arri 416 150, 180, 172.8, 144, 135, 90, 45
Frame rate range of the Arri 416 1-75 fps
Functions of the phase button • Electronically rotates shutter • Checks the shutter angle • Checks the mag loop
Size of the filters the matte box we use holds • 4x6
How do you reset the dial on the Arri 416 • Press and hold dial for a few seconds
What is the purpose of counter balance on the Sachtler fluid ball head • Levels the head on the heavier camera loads to correct weight of the lens
What is the aspect ratio for super 16mm? and 16mm ? • 1.66 :1 • 1.33:1
Differeance between Arri 416 and the SRIII • Take up sides are flipped • Dial: SR3 resets to zero and 416 can be set to a certain value
The type of bridgeplate on the Arri 416 • split bridge plate
The different type of Arri 416 cameras • arri 416 • arri 416 plus • arri 416 plus hd
Registration pin • Holds the frame in place
Default frame rates • 23.976 • 24 • 25 • 29.97 • 30
NORM/PS • Norm runs default speed and PS runs program speed
FF • Flicker free • Has to with video assist
RS • Remote switch • it powers accessories
Arri Glow • Used to illuminate ground glass in order to see frame lines Minimal Focal Distance
8 pieces of information on the magazine label • Date, • Film ID #, • Camera roll #, • Production Company • Project Title • Load • Mag # • Loaders Initials
4 factors of depth of field o Format o Focal distance o Focal length o Iris
Difference between coaxial and displacement magazines? • feed and take up side is flipped
Short End • Left over film on the feed side
Recan • Is film that has been loaded on to a mag but never used
Color of tape for exposed film • Black
Blue tape signifies • Daylight
Red Tape • 320T slower speed
Yellow Tape • 320T faster speed
72 Super 16 mm
52 35 mm
Feet Per minute in 16mm @ 24fps 36
Feet per minute in 35mm @ 24fps 90
How many minutes in 400ft of 16mm @ 24fps 11 minutes
Film Plane symbol Φ
2nd AC Lays marks for talent Responsible for camera report Must have slate, T mark, camera reports, cans, plastic cores
Bursting the slate is Exposing the film for a few frames
Most important information on the slate Sticks, scene, take
1st AC Checks gate Cleans with orange stick Must have visa v, orange stick, Kelly wheel whip
Camera Op “Clean frame” in regards to composition
Working cases One latch locked the other off
Visa v Used for marking the follow focus china wheel
Kelly Wheel Used to calculate dof
Hyper focal distance • Is your near when your lens is set to infinity • When you want to maximize dof such as with aerial shots of shots very far away
Soft Sticks • Should be used when slating near an actors face
Principal Plane of Focus • The absolute point of focus
CoC • Circle of Confusion • It is the plane right before and after our area of focus
PPF • Principle Plane of Focus • It is the absolute point of focus
Which format has more dof 16mm
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