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16 mm Midterm


2 questions you should always ask when connecting gear Does it need power: phantom, 12 volt, dynamic? Is it mike or line?
What is the time code reference for HIGH DEFINITION 23.976
What is the time code reference for FILM 24
What is the time code reference for NTSC VIDEO 29.97
What is the time code reference for PAL 25
The difference between POLY and MONO files is Mono files separate each track and make each track a file vs. Poly that will embedded tracks in to a single file
4 commonly used sample rates *KHZ 44.1 khz, 48 khz, 96 khz, 192 khz
A.E.S Audio Engineering Society - set the standards for manufactures and build.
C.A.S CINEMA AUDIO SOCIETY- Is an invite only society
5 steps for setting up equipment before first shot Power, signal flow, slate tone, calibration, mic
Calibration standards for Analog 0db
Calibration standards for Digital -20 db
Preamp is hardwired into a machine and strengthens the signal without amplifying it
Osilator aka OSC is used to genterate i
Proper mike placement consists of what 4 things a. Size of frame b. who is in the shot c. what is the action d. what sound is happening
Two people in crew that have similar audio notes a. script sup b. sound mixer
Two people that could tell you about the next scene a. script sup b. 1st ad
ADR Automated Dialogue Replacement is used when there is unusable sound
Recordings that do not require the camera during production special fx, wild track, roomtone
Examples of why we would not roll sound insert shot, changing the frame rate
Limiter prevents it peaking but not distortion to occur
Audio filters Hi pass, low pass, pad
PFL PRE FADE LISTEN solos te channel so only it can be heard
Room Tone is atmosphere on ambience of room that the film was shot in
What is done with the sound reports at end of day give to script sup, upm, and 1st ad
Single System Sound field mixer will always be tied to the camera, used for television and eng
Double System Sound sound is recorded onto a medium separate from that of your visual, used for film
3 pin XLR Main type of cable used in sound
RCA Connector most commonly seen in video does NOT have locking capabilities
BNC Connector has locking capabilities
BWF file format the will put the time code generated from your recorder into the file
WAV file format that will not put the time code in the recorder file
Cooper 208 Mixer production mixer and has 8 channel mixer (can not record)
Sample Rates is your quality of the frequency
BIT Depths is Dynamic range
DIVA Our primary Recorder with 10 channels
744 T Our back up recorder with 4 channels
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