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JOIMMATS o Judgment o Orientation o Intelligence o Mood o Motor anomalies o Affect o Thinking o Speech
The Mental Status Exam • Provides cross disciplinary language • Shapes direction of further treatment
WAIS-IV- Normative Sample n-2200, 70% Caucasian (Matches the census data 07-08)
FSIQ- Full Scale IQ (When can it not be used) If the lowest scored index is >23 pts or 1.5 SD from the highest then the FSIQ can not be interpreted
GAI- General ability index (What are the index used, what do they best measure, when can you not use it) subtests=best measure of g Cant be interpreted if the difference between the VCI and PRI is > 23 pts or 1.5SD)
Cognitive Proficiency Index (CPI)- (when is it used, what does it compare, what are the index used) only use if you cant use the FSIQ or the GAI Compares the CPI and the GAI Working Memory (DS, AR) Processing Speed (CD, SS)
Verbal Comprehension (VCI) Similarities Vocabulary Information (Comprehension)
Working Memory Digit Span Arithmetic (Letter Number Sequencing)
Perceptual Reasoning (PRI) Block Design Matrix Reasoning Visual Puzzles (figure weights) (picture completion)
Processing Speed Coding Symbol Search (cancellation)
Keith's Five Factors Crystallized Intelligence Short-term memory fluid reasoning visual processing processing speed
Crystallized Intelligence vocabulary + Information (language)
Short-term memory Digit Span + Letter Number Sequencing (Memory/Learning)
Fluid Reasoning Matrix Reasoning + Figure Weights (Attention/ executive functioning
Visual Processing Block Design + Visual Puzzles (Visuospatial functioning)
Processing Speed Symbol Search + Coding (Sensorimotor)
When should you use Keith Five Factors When there is a variability among subtest scores in the PRI. Between 16-69 Administered LNS and FW
The Flynn effect The average IQ of the U.S. population has increased an average of 3 points per decade.
What creates the Flynn Effect Using a test at the end of its life- about 10 years after the norming population. The social reinforcement of intellectual ability
What test is it seen most often on Ravens
Lewis Terman Developed the Standford-Binet in 1916
Raymond Cattell Introduced the Gc and the Gf
John L. Horn Expanded on Cattells Theory
John Carroll Combined cattells and horns theory to create the CHC
Heritability THe proportion of variation of a trait which can be attributed to genetic factors as opposed to environmental
"g" represents the common factor underlying diverse measures of functioning, Generalized intelligence
Created by: Aimweed