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Did the % foreign born in the US dip in the 70s? Yes
Which immigrant group increased the most since the 1960s? Latinos
What percentage decline in unauthorized immigration occurred between 2008-2009? 7%
What ratio of children in the US are immigrants? 1 out of 4
How many children under the age of 18 are immigrants? 15 million
What ratio of children were born in the US and are citizens? 4 out of 5
Which is the fastest growing ethnic group in the US? Latinos
What percent of immigrants are unauthorized Latinos? 62%
What are the four types of immigrants? Human capital, labor, family reunification, refugee/asylum
What are human capital migrants? High education levels/high skill, work outside of ethnic enclave
What are labor migrants? Low education, work and live in ethnic enclaves
What type of immigrant is the highest in the US? Relatives of citizens
What is the percentage comparison of US born managers to foreign born? 36% to 27% in 2007
What does the theory of Melting pot mean? Immigrants should and do give up their cultural traditions in order to integrate into dominant American culture. Second and future generations are fully American. Symbolic ethnicity = expression of cultural traditions today.
What does Immigration Pluralism mean? Immigrants maintain cultural practices which co-exist within dominant American culture. Heritage is important. Cultural Diversity is cherished.
What is Institutional Assimilation? Immigrants adopt some aspects of dominant culture but hold onto some aspects of home country cultures. The balance between both pluralism and melting pot.
How do non-immigrants and immigrants differ in views of how the country SHOULD be? 62% non-immigrants think the country is American (Melting Pot). 57% of immigrants think the country is made up of many cultures and values (Pluralism).
How do non-immigrants and immigrants differ in views of how the country is? Both think it is more Pluralism or many immigrant cultures.
What was William Julius Wilson's main point? “The life chances of individual blacks have more to do with their economic class position than with their dayto-day encounters with whites.”
What is the shadow of race for blacks and whites? Middle class for whites until proven otherwise, lower class for blacks until proven otherwise.
What is Closed social system? the position of individuals reflects that of their parents; class of origin matters much in determining life chances
What is Open social system? the position of individuals does not reflect that of their parents; class of origin matters little in determining life chances
What is Mobility? movement of individuals (up or down) in the system of inequality open systems are characterized by moderate to high mobility closed systems allow for very little mobility
What is Relative (Fluid) Mobility? change of position within a fixed “class” distribution; for one person to move up another must move down
What is Absolute (Structural) Mobility? anyone who moves across a fixed threshold from one year to the next (e.g. $50,000/year) is mobile; does not matter if the person’s position did not change relative to the entire income distribution
Is there Absolute mobility in the US? Yes. 8 in 10 adults report higher incomes than their parents.
What countries, besides the US show strong links between individual and parental earnings? Italy and Great Britain
Give examples of individual explanations for Mobility Parental wealth, social contacts, parenting style, cultural capital
Give examples of structural explanations for mobility Economic climate, funding of schools, immigration, neighborhood, access to credit
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