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Test for Module 5

Apologia Physical Science test #5

Transpiration Emission of water vapor from plants.
Condensation The process by which water vapor turns into liquid water.
Residence Time The average time a given molecule of water will stay in a given water source.
Percolation The process by which water passes from above the water table to below it.
Adiabatic cooling The cooling of a gas that happens when a gas expands.
Where does the majority of Earth's water reside? in the oceans
What is the largest source of liquid freshwater on the planet? groundwater
What water source is a molecule of water in once it has gone through transpiration? it is in the atmosphere.
Water was in the ocean and is now a cloud. What two hydrologic cycle processes happened in order to make that transfer? Evaporation allowed it to leave the ocean and condensation put it in the cloud.
Where is the residence time longer, in the ocean or in the fast moving stream? In the ocean
If a lake has no means of getting rid of water except evaporation, does it contain saltwater or freshwater? it contains saltwater
What do the oceans tell us about the age of the earth? They tell us that the earth's age can't be a billion years old, they would be much saltier if they were over a million years old!
An enormous amount of ocean water in the polar region freezes, Does it form an iceberg? Why? Or why not? It does not, Icebergs are freshwater and come from glaciers, Sea ice has salt mixed in with it.
What process in the hydrologic cycle is responsible for making glaciers? precipitation, glaciers start because of snow, snow is precipitation
what causes the condensation that makes most clouds? adiabatic cooling
If a sample of gas is compressed and nothing else is allowed to change, what will happen to the temperature of the gas? The temperature will increase
if there is a lot more rain than normal in an area over a long period of time what happens to the depth of the water table? The depth will decrease
Why is groundwater pollution so hard to trace back to its original source? because of the way it flows
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