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Common Prod pg 324

Common Prod Components & Ingredients Chpt 13

AHA's & BHA's chemical exfoliators (glycolic, lactic, malic, tartaric)(salicylic)loosen the bond between cells in the epidermis
Alcohol astringent and solvent in perfume, lotions and astringents
Alum compound made of aluminum, potassium or ammonium sulfate; good for oily skin and helps stop bleeding
Benzyl Peroxide drying ingredient w/ antibacterial properties commonly used for blemishes and acne
Ceramides family of lipid materials found in the intercellular matrix; natural moisturizing factor
collagen protein derived form animals or synthetically manufactured; PLUMPS skin and prevents water loss
Essential Oils oils derived from plants and herbs
Glycerin formed by decompostion of oils or fats; skin softnener and humectant
Herbs contain phytohormones; used in skin care products and cosmetics
Hyaluronic acid hydrophilic agent; water binder
lanolin emollient; derived from sheep's wool
lipids fat or fat-like substances; improves hydration and barrier function
liposomes closed-lipid bilayer sphere tath encapsulates ingredients
methlyparaben frequently used preservative; combats mold and bacteria; noncomedogenic
mineral oil emollient and lubricant; clear and odorless derived from petroleum
mucopolysaccharides carbohyrate-lipid complexes; good water binder
parabens commonly used group of preservatives in cosmetics; antibacterial and antifungal
peptides chains of amino acids that stimulate fibroblast and cell metabolism and improve skin's firmness
petroleum jelly occlusive agent, protects the barrier agent by holding in water
potassium hydroxide strong alkali used in soaps and creams
propylene glycol humectant used in moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin
Quaternium 15 all purpose presevative used against bacteria, mold and yeast; formaldehyde-releaser
Retinoic Acid Vitamin A derivitive, alters collagen synthesis; treats acne and aging
Silicone oil that is chemically combined with silicon and oxygen
Sodium Bicarbonate baking soda; an inorganic salt used as a buffering agent, neutralizer and pH adjuster
Sorbitol humectant that ABSORBS IT ALL moisture from the air to prevent dryness; obtained for the leaves and berries of mountain ash
Sphingolipids ceramide; Natural part of the intercellular matrix
squalane derived from olives, emollient and desensitizing agent
squalene originally from shark-liver oil; is insoluable in water, lubricant and perfume fixative
sulfur reduces oil gland activity and dissolves surface layer of dry dead cells; commonly used in acne products
Titanium dioxide inorganic sunscreen reflects UVA and UVB; scattering UV radiation. gives cosmetics a white color
urea enhances penetration abilities of other substances; anti-inflammatory and antiseptic
Vitamins organic compounds and essential nutrients
zinc oxide inorganic sunscreen that reflects UVA and UVB, somewhat Astingent, Antiseptic and Antibacterial. used to protect, soothe and heal skin. obtained from zinc ore and nonallergenic
Created by: Dcallegan