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Chapter 13 ingredient description and benefit

algae derived from seaweed; contains minerals. moisturizing and nourishing
allantoin derived from comfrey plant or uric acid; used in soothing products. healing, promotes healthy tissue growth
almond meal fround almonds; commonly used in scrubs. soothing and exfoliating
aloe vera a versatile pland used in many products; healing, soothing, hydrating and anti-inflammatory
arnica healing; great for sore muscles, bruising. anti-inflammatory
avocado emollient; contains vitamins A and C. moisturizing, soothing
azulene derived from chamomile plant; used for sensitive skin and calming
Bayberry root bark; good for oily skin. antiseptic, astringent
Birch Leaf Good for oily skin; antiseptic stimulating
Calendula from the marigold plant; good for itching, swelling and acne; healing, soothing anti-inflammatory
Carrot used in creams and masks; rich in Vitamin C
Chamomile plant extract; used for sensitive skin; calming anti-inflammatory
cocoa butter softens and lubricates; from the cocoa tree. moisturizing
coconut commonly used for oils, soaps and creams. lathers, cleanses lubricates
comfrey has many beneficial and soothing qualities; contains allantion. healing, moisturzing, emollient
coneflower echinacea is from the coneflower; used internally to support the immune system. healing preventing infection
cucumber commonly used for masks andthe eye area to reduce puffiness. antiseptic and soothing
eucalyptus from the gum tree; used for acne and oily skin. antiseptic, antimicrobial, astringent, stimulating
evening primrose soothing; known to help women's menstrual pain. treats dry skin, flakiness; healing
geranium calm irritation, anti-irritant. astringent, anti-inflammatory
grapeseed extract a soothing antioxidant derived from grapes. healing, moisturizing, anti-aging
green tea many health benefits include lipid protection; antibacterial, stimulating. a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
horsechestnut a plant extract with bioflavanoids (vitP)strenghens capillary walls. good for couperose skin and redness
jojoba a widely used noncomedogenic oil derived from a desert shrub; healing. a soothing emollient, mmoisturizer and lubricant
kojic acid a tyrosinase inhibitor; usually derived from mushrooms. a skin-lightening agent for hyperpigmentation
lavender a popular herb and oil used for aromatherapy and calming. soothing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties
licorice an anti-irritant food for sensitive skin; also inhibits melanin production
mint an herb good for circulation. simulating, also antiseptic
oatmeal good for skin irritation, rashes and sunburns; used in masks and scrubs. soothing, anti-inflammatory, healing
olive olive tree extracts are used for many beauty products. moisturizing and calming
orange soothing with an aromatic, uplifting scent. anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and an astringent
papaya contains papain, an enzyme used in enzyme peels. exfoliating, softening and moisturizing
peppermint cools skin and consticts capillaries; has refreshing properties; contains menthol. reduces irritation and itching
pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme with stimulating and antiseptic properties. good for exfoliation and treating blemishes
pomegranate a powerful antioxidant; treats sun damage
rose one of the most common ingredients in skin care products; used for dry, aging skin
sandalwood an exotic scent used for aromatherapy; food for skin irritations
seaweed derivatives such as algae have many nourishing minerals and propertes; detoxifies, stimulates metabolism; may be a serious allergen if allergic to seaweed, shellfish, or iodine! humectant and moisturizing prpperties; firming
sesame used in massage and moisturizing products. moisturizing
shea butter a natural fat used as heavier occlusive moisturizer. moisturizing and healing
soy a protein and a source of viatmins; an isoflavonoid (phytoestrogen) with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
tea tree good for oily skin and scalp treatments. germicidal, healing antifungal, antiseptic
witch hazel from the hamanelis shrub; good for toning the skin. an astringent and antiseptic
Created by: Dcallegan
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