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Servicing a car

What book in the workshop can be used as a reference book Workshop Manual
A light bulb that should be checked when servicing a vehicle reverse
What document is sent to main dealers by the manufactorer listing updates or changes to repair methods and settings? Technical bulletin
Great care should be taken if removing this when the engine is hot. Radiator cap
What stops dust and dirt from entering the engine Air filter
What is the document that a technician raises when they have finished a job. job card
To check or adjust the clearance of a valve the engine must be in the ...... right position
What belt must be replaced to prevent engine damage cam
What inspection method is often used when taking delivery of a vehicle. visual
What item must be fitted to protect the vehicle before work starts? Wing cover
Engine oil should be checked on this type of ground. level
What document is used by vehicle manufacturer's to confirm an item has been inspected. check list
Condition and pressure should be checked on all of these. tyres
One per cylinder is fitted but only on petrol engines. sparkplugs
What item of PPE should be worn when changing oil? gloves
What item of interior vehicle protection should be fitted before work starts. seatcover
What stops dirt entering injectors and must be changed periodically? fuel filter
The percentage of this should be checked when checking coolant level. antifreeze
Tension of these should be checked but over adjustment could damage bearings. Drive belts
The thickness of these should be checked but the wheels may need removing . disc pads
Created by: Julia Garner
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