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Drama Yr 2 Test 2

Drama Yr 2 - Test 2

A performance that is always PLANNED and REHEARSED Formal Performance
Creating a __________ that works for a particular production's needs and helps bring the play to life visually Set Design
Creating _______ that projects certain moods and highlights particular areas bringing focus to parts of the stage for emphasis Lighting Design
Creating or choosing the ___________ that shows the time period, culture and other elements of the story that need to be emphasized Costume Design
Finding and choosing ___________ that create a certain look or function as stage pieces that the actor uses Prop Design
Creating and using ___________ effects or background music that helps to set a certain mood or enhances the action of the play Sound Design
Using ____________ to enhance or change an actor's look or create an illusion Make Up Design
The ones who develop the director's vision of the production into a physical representation Designers
Set, Lighting, Costume, Prop, Sound, Make-up Design all involve ________________. Planning
Assigned location on the stage and purposeful movement Blocking
USL Upstage Left
USR Upstage right
DSL Downstage Left
CTR Center
DSR Downstage Right
USC Upstage Center
DSC Downstage Center
There are 7 different __________________ i.e. USR, CTR, DSC Stage Positions
When the actor gets an understanding of their role through character analysis Interpretation
Studying all the elements of the character and making clear choices of how to express these choices Character Analysis
The person who is responsible for studying the playwright's work and related materials and develops a vision for the production and then shares that vision with the various designers and actors. Director
The person who must understand their assigned role and make clear choices about interpretation and how they plan to accomplish this task in their performance Actor
The first person to work on a play who a. organizes b. researches the material as needed c. writes d. revises the material into the form of a play Playwright
When an actor is asked to return for a second audition for further consideration Call Back
The content, ideas and feelings being communicated Message
The receiver of the message being communicated Audience
When a piece is written or chosen for a particular audience (example: Sponge Bob Square Pants is designed to reach a younger audience) Target Audience
Every telling of a story happens during a limited period of time: past, present or future Time Frame
The person who fulfills all the elements of a performance by making sure that everything runs smoothly on stage as well as back stage Stage Manager
What the stage manager calls out when the performance is about to begin and everyone must take their position "Places"
The people backstage who are responsible for changing sets, placing props and all the technical elements of a production Stage Crew
Created by: bgpalmers