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60's/80's October

Briefs/phrases in class dictation; 1st 2 weeks of 10/2012

benefit BEN
identity AOEUT
Plaintiff PL-F
value VAL
subpoena S-P
internet SPW*ERPBT
law school HRAUL
record RORD
anticipate AEP
effect EFBGT
affect AFBGT
medical PH*BG
decision TKEGS
reject R-J
subject S-J
object OBT
objection O*BGS
guilty TKPW-LT
not guilty TPH-G
emphasis M-FS
emphasize M-FZ
admitted PHEUTD
verdict SR-RD
matter of law M*FL
beyond a reasonable doubt B-RD
sustain STAEN
recall RAUL
either AOERT
damage DAJ
danger DAEUJ
accident STKENT
association SGS
associate SOERBT
instrument STRUPLT
instrumental STRUPLT/L
ladies and gentlemen LAIJ
ladies and gentlemen of the jury LAIRJ
prohibition PROEUBGS
deliberate TKHREUBT
computer KPUR
develop TKWOP
pressure PR-RB
advertise TEUZ
remarkable RARBG/-BL
together TOGT
innocent N-NT
innocence N-NS
behalf BAF
ago AG
one of WUF
to get TOGTS
absolutely A*BLS
you think UPBG
explained KP-PBD
properties PROTS
consideration K-RGS
consider K-R
confer K-=FR
comfort K-FRT
condition K-N
confident K-FT
confidential K--FT / RBL
concern K-RN
conform K-FM
certain SERN
specific SPEFBG
give up TKPWUP
standard STARD
within the W-PBT
institute STAOUT
with respect WR-PT
conclusion KL*UGS
concluded KL*UD
concluding KL*UG
conclude KL*U
include KLU
including KLUG
included KLUD
inclusion KLUGS
as old S-LD
as much S-FP
as far S-FR
as long S-LG
so old SO-LD
so much SO-FP
so far SO-=FR
so long SO-LG
as far as S-FRS
more than PH-RPB
other than OE-RN
rather than RARPBT
begin GIN
began GAN
begun G-N
little LILT
member MEM
to say TOBZ
approximately P-L
assault SAULT
intelligent NEGT
intelligence NEJS
at this point T*EUPT
someone SPH-PB
to work TORBG
factual FARL
research REFP
researcher REFRP
remember REB
recognize REBGZ
myself MAO*EU
idea Y-D
ideal Y-L
do you DAOU
opportunity TUNT
Created by: donnajo0916
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