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GEO - Chapter 4

CMS Geography Chapter 4: The Human World Review

When people move from one place to another it is called... migration
The pattern of human settlement is known as... Population distribution
People pass on cultural values and traditions through... language
Struggles over __?__ differences are a source of conflict in many places. religious
Governments in all cultures are intended to maintain.. order and provide protection
Governments differ by their levels of... power and authority
Cultural diffusion is how __?__ and __?__ are spread among cultures. new knowledge and skills
What is the most important factor in the rise of cities and civilizations? a surplus of food
What was made possible by the development of computers? Information Revolution
What are the two levels of government? Unitary System Federal System
What type of government has all the power and authority belonging to one person like a Dictatorship or a Monarchy? Autocracy
What type of government has a small group of people that holds all the power because of their wealth, military might, or social position? Oligarchy
In what type of government do the leaders have power from the consent of the governed and citizens elect the major officials? Democracy
Which economic system is only found in limited parts of the world with its rules determined by habit and custom? Traditional economy
What economic system is based on free enterprise and allows individuals and private groups to make decisions? Market economy
What economic system has its decisions made by government and tries to distribute goods and services equally among its people? Command economy
The goal of __?__ is to manage nonrenewable resources carefully. conservation
Countries engage in economic activities that are best suited to their... resources
What kind of countries have widespread manufacturing and service industries that provide a high standard of living? developed
What removes trade barriers so goods can flow freely from one country to another? Free Trade agreement
The burning of __?__ is a major source of air pollution? fossil fuels
The federal system is when government's powers are divided between the __?__ and the __?__ levels. national state
Free trade is when goods flow freely between countries without... trade barriers
An ethnic group is people who share a common... language, history, place of origin
When individuals and private groups make decisions about production it is called a... Market Economy
A country that is working toward greater manufacturing and technology use is a... Developing Country
What is the economic system where the government supports and regulates free enterprise? Mixed Economy
The Agricultural Revolution is when agriculture shifted from... gathering food to producing food
The invention of power-driven machines allowed goods to be... mass-produced in factories
What country has a market economy and is a democracy? United States
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