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Midwest Study Quest

Stallard Study Guide

1. What is the name of this region? The Midwest Region
2. List the states and capitals of this region.
3. What is the largest state in size of this region? Minnesota
4. What is the smallest state in size in this region? Indianna
5. What is the largest state in population in this region? Illinois
6. What is the smallest state in population in this region? North Dakota
7. What are the principal landfornis in this region? Appalachian Plateau, Central Plains, Interior Low Plateau, Superior Upland, Central Plains, Great Plains, Ozark Plateau
8. What are two major bodies of water or rivers in this region? : Black River, Des Moines River, Grand River, Illinois River, Maumee River, Menominee River, Minnesota River, Mississippi River, Montreal River, Muskegon River, Ohio River, Red River of the North, St. Croix River, Scioto River, Wabash River, White River
9. Describe the summers (climate) of this region? In July temperatures average from 68°F (20°C) in upper Minnesota to 79°F (26°C) in Illinois. The climate gets warmer as you travel south in the Great Lakes regionIn July temperatures average from 69°F (21°C) in North Dakota to 79°F (26°C) in Kansas.
10. Describe the winters (climate) of this region? In January temperatures average from 3°F ( — 16°C) in North Dakota to 32°F (0°C) in KansasIn January temperatures average from 2°F (- 17°C) in uppeprecipitation in the rest of the Plains states is 34 inches r
11. Name three large cities of this region other than the capital. Kansas-Wichita Missouri-Saint Louis Nebraska-Omaha North Dakota-Fargo South Dakota-Rapid City Iowa-Cedar Rapids Illinois-Chicago Indiana-Fort Wayne Michigan-Detroit Minnesota-Minneapolis Ohio-Cleveland Wisconsin-Milwaukee
12. Name two large manufacturing industries in this region. Transportation equipment, machinery, metals, processed foods,electronic equipment, chemicals, paper and paper products, book publishing, coal, iron ore, copper, oil, chemicals, book publishing, machinery, meat packing
13. Name two principal agricultural products (farming) in this region. cattle, pigs, sheep, dairy products, wheat, corn, hay, soybeans, oatsfishing, hogs, poultry, wheat, alfalfa, oats
14. What is the highest point in the midwest? Harney Peak in South Dakota
What is the lowest point in the midwest? Mississippi River in Illinois
Illinois Springfield
Indiana Indianapolis
Michigan Lansing
Minnesota St. Paul
Ohio Columbus
Wisconsin Madison
Iowa Des Moines
Kansas Topeka
Missouri Jefferson City
Nebraska Lincoln
North Dakota Bismarck
South Dakota Pierre
Created by: hamiltonj