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caseys quiz bowl questions

The photoelectric process is an interaction between an x-ray photon and what Inner shell electron
If 100R or more is received as whole body dose in a short period of time certain symptoms will occur and refer to as ARS acute radiation syndrome
Primary radiation barriers must be how high 7’
Transformer losses in the form of heat due to the change in polarity of AC current is called Eddy current losses
State the four main types of transformers Open Core, Closed Core, Air Core and shell type
What is the term denoting a coil of wire Helix
What is the proper order of steps of an automatic processor Develop, fix, wash, dry
The proper developer action will occur only in what type of solution Akaline
An object measuring 10 cm is radiographed 40” SID and is placed 10” away from the image receptor. What is the image size of object 13.3 cm (image size/object size=SID/SOD)
Describe the position that will provide an AP projection of the L5 S1 interspace 30 degrees cephalic
With a patient in the PA position and the OML and the CR perpendicular to the film; the resulting radiograph will display which structures completely within the orbits Petrous Ridges
A patient that is lying down is said to be in what position Recumbent
A person is bitten by a tick or a mosquito; they develop an infection…. A vector
In order to prevent possible damage to the rectum the enema tip should never be inserted more than 4”
The two most common and effective methods of sterilization for used in a hospital are Autoclave
The amount of time that x-rays are being produced and directed toward a particular wall is referred to as Use factor
If a person receives 5000 mR during a 15 minute fluoroscopic examination what was the dose rate 333 mR/min.
Graphs that show a relationship between dose of radiation received and incidences of effects are called what Dose response curve
When the radiographer selects KV on the control panel which device is adjusted Auto transformer
A star pattern can be used to measure the Focal spot size
On average an anode is angled how many degrees 12 degrees
The device used to give a predetermined exposure to a film in order to test its response to processing is called the Sensitometer
The portion of the characteristic curve generally representative of the useful radiographic density range is the Straight line portion
A radiograph that exhibits many shades of gray from white to black may be described as having Low contrast
For a parietoacanthion projection of the paranasal sinuses which radiographic baseline forms a 37 degree angle with the film OLM
Which position will best demonstrate the right flexure of the colon in a BE exam RPO
If the patient has limited or no movement of either lower extremity what method could be used to obtain a lateral view of the hip joint Clements/Nakkiyahama
Which type of isolation does not require the use of gowns or gloves Air borne
Name the device used to measure blood pressure Sphygmomanometer
The device that contains all instruments and medications necessary for cardiac or respiratory arrest is called the Crash Cart
What is the proper centering point for an AP coccyx 2” above the pubic symphysis
Give 3 Names for the Schuler method. SMV(submentovertex projection), inferior/superior projection, Basilor projection
The minimum amount equivalent for a lead apron is .5mm Pb
If the extent of exposure factors for a specific radiographic unit produces an intensity of 8.4mR per mas @ 80 Kv and 30 mas were used the patient’s dose would be 252mR
The type of personnel radiation monitor that may be used for the longest period of time is TDL
Name the two types of television screens used…… Vidacon and Sublacon
A coil of wire that has a current running through it is called what Solenoid
The boiling off of electrons at the filament is termed what Thermionic Emission
Delayed light emission of an image intensifier screen after the x-ray photons…. Phosphorescence
The law stating that any combination of MA and time that produce the same mas value will produce the same radiographic density…. Reciprocity law
The relationship between KVP and density may be described as Direct but not proportional
Describe the central ray when trying to better demonstrate the tarsal metatarsal joint in the dorsal/plantar projection of the foot. 10 degrees posteriorly
Where does the central ray enter for a PA projection of the third digit of the hand Third PIP joint
What position will best demonstrate the mortise joint 15 degrees medial oblique
A precaution used to prevent infections transmitted by direct or indirect contact with fecal material is referred to as Enteric precaution
The hepatitis B virus is primarily transmitted by Blood
The 3rd and 4th ventricles are connected by the Aquaduct silvis
Pair production only occurs when the incoming photon has an energy level of 1.02 MeV
What is considered to be the best means of minimizing operator exposure during examination_radiation Distance
What is the means of reducing the exposure to the patient’s skin if superficial tissues are increased in the quality of the beam by removing the low energy photons from the beam Filtration.
What is the purpose of rectification Turn AC to DC
The technique that allows for dynamic imaging of an anatomical part Fluoroscopy
What is the purpose of employing image intensified fluoroscopy To raise the level of image brightness.
The linear object is placed at an angle to the image receptor if the CR is placed perpendicular of the image receptor the image of the object will be Foreshortened (Angle tube—elongated,)(angle object with straight ray—forshortened)
What is the primary purpose of using an intensifiying screen in film screen radiography Decrease patient dose
The spectral emission of calcium tungstate phosphor is in the range of Blue Ultraviolet or Blue Blueviolet’’
What forms the zygomatic arch The temporal portion of the zygomatic bone and the zygomatic portion of the temporal bone.
What will be demonstrated on the RAO position of the rib Left anterior rib.
Which mammographic position would best identify a tumor in the medial aspect of the breast The cranial/caudad.
Contaminated object capable of transmitting a disease Fomite
A person is suspected to have had a cardiac arrest where is the best place to check for a pulse Coratid artery.
Touching a patient without permission or … Battery
What are the two types of filtration Inherent and added
When operating a mobile unit, the source to skin distance must be at least 12”
When performing a fluoroscopic examination the minimum source to table top distance for a fixed unit is 15”
Name the component of the image intensifier that is simulated by the exit beam to produce light photons. Input phosphor
What material is used for the input phosphor of the modern image intensifier Cesium iodide
The half value layer of an x-ray beam describes The amount of x-ray it takes for the intensity of the beam to decrease by half
What is the humidity level range and ideal temperature for film storage 40-60% humidity and temperature of 50-70 degrees F.
The ratio of SID/SOD is used to determine Maginification factor
What is the maginification factor for imaging conditions that include 1.2mm focal spot, 40” SID, 5”OID, 10 degrees caudad to tilt 1.14 Sid/sod this answer is correct (1.2mmfss here and later 12mmfss which does not make a difference for the calculation of this problem.
To compensate for the normal degree for the Kyphosis of the sacrum for an anterior/posterior projection the CR is directed 15 degrees cephalic
The settagas method tangential position of the patella is used for the evaluation of Vertical fractures of the patella and the patella femoral joint space
A boney outgrowth at the base of the third metacarpal/carpal joint is best demonstrated using Lateral projection with acute palmer flexion
If the radiographer verbally threatens to physically harm a patient to gain cooperation during a procedure without actually physically harming the patient the radiographer can be charged with what legal Assault
What term is used to denote defamation of character through written communication Liable
The five rights system is a memory device designed to protect both radiographer and patient in what instance Anytime medication is given
When ionization radiation passes through a medium it interacts with a medium by depositing energy along its path, the average energy deposited is called Linear energy transfer (LET)
When performing mobile radiography at what position would the radiographer receive the least amt. of scattered radiation in relation to the source 90 degrees
The SI unit used to identify the dose equivalent is Sivert
Name the specific component in the x-ray circuit that allows the regulation of kilo voltage Auto transformer
A fully rectified single phase generator employs how many solid state rectifiers 4
The wave form produced by a battery operated mobile x-ray unit most closely resembles that of a 3 phase generator
What is the controlling factor of radiographic density mAs
What is the relationship between mAs and density Directly proportional
How much of an adjustment in mAs must be made in order to perceive a change in radiographic density 30%
The thin plate of bone that passes vertically of the upper surface of the cribbaform plate is called Crista Galli
The valsalva maneuver in which the patient is asked to increase the abdominal pressure by bearing down is often used to demonstrate or evaluate what Esophageal varices (varicose veins of the esophagus)
The body habitus that is massive in build is called Hyperstenic
What is the common name for the very mild form of shock known as syncope Fainting
Name the type of shock that occurs when large amounts of blood or plasma have been lost Hypovolemic
What medication may be administered to relieve the chest pain or angina Nitroglycerin
What type of x-ray matter interaction is also called incoherent scattering Compton
Which type of x-ray matter interaction is responsible for producing contrast on the radiograph Photoelectric
The agency that publishes radiation protection standards based on scientific research is the NCRP
A transformer with 50 turns on the primary coil and 1000 turns on the secondary coil and input voltage 120 volts will have an output voltage of 2400 volts
What level of milliamperage is used in fluoroscopy to record a fluoroscopic image 3-5mA
What radiographic quality factor would be most affected by an excessive amount of geometric blur Detail
A radiographic exam was optimally performed using technical factors of 12 mAs, 80 KV, 40” SID, 8:1 grid and 200 rare earth screen; What new factors would be needed to maintain the density if the screen speed was changed to 600 4 mAs, 80 KV, 40” SID, 8:1 with the 600 screen speed film
What new math value would be needed to produce the same density results if an original 32 mAs was used with a 50 rare speed screen and screens were changed to 400 4mAs
The ability of a substance to emit light in response to excitation is Luminescence
The right anterior/posterior oblique position of the lumbar spine is used in the evaluation of the Right apophyseal joint
The most common body habitus present in about 50% of the population is called Stenic
What is form by the union of the hepatic and the cystic duct The common bile duct
Which projection will demonstrate the cranial base, the sphenoid sinus, the foramen ovalley and the spinosum SMV
The waters method will demonstrate the sphenoid through the open mouth, the maxillary sinus and the foramen rotunda
A forceful blow to the head causes the brain to move rapidly within the cranium when this happens an additional injury may be caused to the brain on the side that is opposite Contra Coup
You encounter a semiconscious patient lying in a stairwell, the patient skin is flushed and dry, mucous membranes are dry, there is hyperventilation, there is fruity smell to the p breath; what very serious diabetic crisis is the patient approaching Diabetic coma or a hyperglycemia
Give the normal range of breaths per minute for the adult at rest. 12-20 breaths per min.
Luminescence is the ability of material to emit light in response to an outside stimulation.
Florescence is light emitted while phosphor is stimulated It is an instantaneous emission of light.
Phosphorescence is continuing to emit light after the stimulation.
What interaction produces scatter radiation as a result of vibrations of orbital electrons Coherent
Embryo fetus dose equivalent limit for gestation is .5 rem
Damage occurs when radiation transfers its energy to the cellular cytoplasm by what method Indirect Hit
What is the magnification factor for imaging conditions that include 12mmfocal spot and 40’’ sid and 5’’ oid and 10 degree caudad tube tilt 1.14 This answer is correct. SID/SOD (12fss now, earlier fss was 1.2 *explained earlier)
Name the 3 types of timers. Electronic, synchronous, impulse
Together the filtering effects of the tubes glass envelope and its oil coolant are referred to Inherent filtration
A 3 phase timer can be tested for accuracy using a synchronous spinning top; the resulting image looks like a A solid arc
(spinning top test to test the efficiency of single phase time the result is a series of dots or dashes. With each representing a pulse of radiation.
The material currently used as a film base is Polyester
Which substance was the first widely use intensifying screen phosphor Calcium tungstate
What is the accepted theory of latent image formation Gurney Mott Theory
What position best demonstrates the talocalcaneal joint Plantodorsal
Which projection is most likely to demonstrate the carpal pizaform free of superimposition AP oblique
Which projection of the ankle will best demonstrate the distal tibi 45 degree angle oblique
What is the name given to the drop in blood pressure and the concurrent light headed or dizzy feeling… Orthostatic hypertension
Name the parentarial route of medication administration that is commonly given in the deltoid muscle of the upper arm. Intra-muscular
How will medication be administered that is labeled for use sublingually Under the tongue
The radiographer must be at least what distance from the x-ray tube…. 6 ‘
What is the dose limit for an occupationaly exposed individual during a 13 week period 3 rem
What is the primary function of filtration To reduce patient exposure
If an AP hip technique required 84 KVP, with single phase x-ray equipment; what KVP would produce a comparable image with 3 phase equipment 74 KVP
In order to be in compliance with radiation protection guidelines the fluoroscopic switch must be what kind Dead man
Reproducability of mA time and Kvp should not vary more than 10%
A grid is designed with 3mm lead strips, 1.6 mm in height and separated by.1mm aluminum spacers; the grid has a ratio of 16:1 Height/distance between or Height/wideth of interspaces
An optical density reading as read by a densitometer which measures a factor of 3, corresponds to what % of light being transmitted through the film .1%
The area of unsharpness around a radiographic image is termed Penumbra
What part of the anatomy is demonstrated in a 25 degree RPO position with a CR entering 1” medial to the elevated ASIS Left SI joint
The ridge that marks the bifurcation of the trachea entering the bronchioles is Carina
The choroid process should be visualized in profile in which position Medial oblique
The lay term “bed sore” refers to an ulceration of the skin that develops over a prominent _______________for a long and unrelieved pressure; what medical term is used to describe “bed sores” Decubitus Ulcer
Name the artery found in the anticubital space that is used to measure blood pressure. The brachial artery
Approximately 5% of patients that are hospitalized will acquire this infection. Nosacomininal infection
A controlled area is defined as one that…. The area occupied by the radiographer
One rule of radiation protection is that radiation must scatter at least how many times 2 times
Each time a x-ray beams scatters its intensity at one meter from the scattering object is what fraction of its original intensity 1/1000
If the primary coil of a high voltage transformer supplied by 220 volts and 150 turns and the secondary coil has 75000 turns, what is the voltage in the secondary 110000 volts or 110 KV
A device used to regulate the amount of resistance in a circuit is the Rheostat
Positive beam limitation devices must be accurate to within 2%
In general a doubling in mAs will necessitate what % reduction in KVP ….. 15%
What is another name for the aluminum step wedge Pentameter
What is the relationship between SID and Penumbra Inversely proportional
The best way to control voluntary motion is Communication
How do you control Involuntary movement short exposure time
What breathing technique should be used to best demonstrate the lower ribs Expiration
In a correctly positioned lumbar spine the scotty dog’s ear corresponds to the Superior articulating process
A patient claims an injury has occurred resulting in civil action or litigation to obtain reprobation for damages describe as civil law known as Tort
What is a name given to a drug prior to official approval Generic
What is the medical abbreviation meaning after meals Pc
The type of graph that indicates that there is no safe level of radiation and that the response to the radiation is not directly proportional to the dose received is called Non linear, non threshold
Effects of radiation that once the threshold dose is exceeded becomes more severe at higher levels of exposure Non schocastic
The agency that enforces radiation protection standards at the federal level is the NRC
How many half value layers will it take to reduce an x-ray beam whose intensity is 70 R/min to an intensity to less than 10 R/min. 3 half value layers
In order to maintain image clarity the path of electron flow from photo cathode to output phosphor is controlled by Electrostatic lenses
Electrical devices that allows current to flow easily in only one direction are called Rectifier
The active light sensitive components of a radiographic film are located in which layer of the film Emulsion
The slope or steepness of the characteristic curve of a radiographic film is used in the determination of it’s Film contrast
During latent image formation the concentration of metallic silver in the exposed crystal occurs in what region of the Sensitivity spec
Which position will separate the radial head, neck, and tuberocity from the superimposition… . External oblique
The pars interarticularis is represented by what part of the scotty dog The Neck
The usual patient prep for an upper GI series is NPO for 8 hours
The condition that is caused by infection that is resulting in an extremely low blood pressure is called Septic shock
If the radiographer suspects that the patient is going into shock which position should the patient be placed in The Trendelenburg position
A type of isolation use to totally protect the health care worker from every method of transmission possible in the work setting is known as Strict isolation
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