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SS Geography Unit

Social Studies

Name the five regions of the United States West, Southwest, Middle West, Southeast, Northeast
What is the climate in the West region? Arid. Rainy in the NW.
What is the climate in the Southwest region? Arid. Temperatures vary with latitude.
What is the climate in the Midwest region? Humid in the east. Arid in the west.
What is the climate in the Southeast region? Humid, mild winters and hot summers.
What is the climate in the Northeast region? Humid, cold winters and hot summers.
Name landforms of the West. CONTINENTAL DIVIDE and mountains
Name landforms of the Southwest. GRAND CANYON & PAINTED DESERT
Name landforms of the Middle West. Black Hills, GREAT LAKES, GREAT PLAINS
Name landforms of the Southeast. MISSISSIPPI RIVER, Coastal Plains
Name landforms of the Northeast. Appalachian Mountains, Coastal Plains, Finger Lakes
Name crops of the SW Cattle
Name crops of the Midwest Corn "Corn Belt"
Name crops of the NE Steel, SEAFOOD
Which region has more people moved too recently? Southwest
Which region is called the "Bread Basket"? Middle West
Name resources of the West. lead, zinc, cedar, birch salmon, tuna, deer, oil, minerals, forests
Name resources of the Soutwest. Iron, Oak, Cactus, shrimp, deer, rabbit, natural gas, oil, minerals, copper
Name resources of the Middle West. iron, maple, bass, oil, copper, sunflower, deer, coal, minerals
Name resources of the Southeast. Iron, pine, mangrove, shrimp, bears, coals, natural gas, minerals
Name resources of the Northeast. granite, copper, fir, lobster, scallops, (seafood), deer, coal
Arid America receives less than 20 inches of precipitation a year.
Geography The study of Earth and the way the people live on it and use it
Interdependent dependent of each other to meet needs and wants
Megalopolis group of cities that have grown so close together that they seem to form one city
Non-renewable resource a material found in nature that connot be replaces usch as coal, oil and natural gas.
Renewable resource material found in nature that can be replaced, such as forests
Region a large are with common features that set it apart from other areas
Climate the weather of an area over a number of years
Natural Resource a material found in nature that people use to meet their needs and wants
Economy ways a country's people use natural resources, money and knowledge to produce goods and services.
Mineral A substance found in the Earth that is neither plant nor animal.
Conservation The protection and careful use of natural resources.
Acid Rain precipitaion containing harmful chemical pollution that can destroy trees and wildlife and poison water.
Humid America receives more than 20 inches of precipitation a year.
Which regions are Arid? West, Southwest, western part of Midwest
Which regions are Humid? Southeast, Northeast, eastern part of Midwest
Which region is the Grand Canyon located in? Southwest
Which region is the Great Lakes in? Middle West
Which region has seafood as a crop? Northeast
Which region includes the Mississippi River? Southeast
Which region has grapes, citrus fruit, and potatoes as crops? West
Which region includes the Continental Divide as a landform? West
Which region has cold winters and hot summers? Northeast
Name the regions of the United States. West, Southwest, Southeast, Middle West, Northeast
List the five features used to define regions. Location, climate, landforms, resources, crops
List the factors that determine a region's climate. Temperature, precipitation
Humid America stretches from Atlantic Ocean to where? The Great Plains
Name a nonrenewable resource. Oil, coal, natural gas
Example of how two regions can be interdependent. Depending on another region for something. Midwest depends on the Northeast for lobster.
How are weather and climate different? Weather-temperature and precipitation Climate-weather over a long period of time
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