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what machine is used to monitor brain waves while someone is sleeping? electroencephalogram (EEG)
how many stages of sleep are there? 5
stage 1: drifting off; alpha and theta waves; your transition into sleep
stage 2: deeper sleep; spindles; theta waves
Stage 3: theta and delta waves
Stage 4: only delta waves - DEEPEST sleep
Stage 5: REM; increased brain activity; when you are most likely to dream
how long does it take on average for a person to complete the sleep cycle? 90-120 minutes
if you wake up during these stages you feel like crap: 3 or 4
if you wake up during these stages you feel good: at the end of REM or during stages 1 or 2
freud believed that: anything you dreamed about had a deeper meaning
insomnia: inability to fall asleep
somnambulism: sleep walking get up and move about
hypersomnia: excessive amounts of sleep
narcolepsy: uncontrollable periods of sleep
APNEA: stops breathing (snoring may be a sign)
what are some things you can do to get a better nights sleep? regular schedule, avoid extreme temp/noise/light, take time to wind down, don't stay in bed for more than 20 min, don't take worries to bed, avoid alcohol/caffeine, light snacks, don't exercise 3 hours prior, use bed only for sleeping
Created by: kelseyrae