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Metals Vocab Review


A combination of two different metals Example: Gold ring made from aluminum alloy) Alloy
Metals other than iron Example: cooper, aluminum, gold Nonferrous
Alloy contaiing significant amount of iron or steel Example: I beams are generally made of steel or ferrous metal Ferrous
Outer edge of a circle Example: run a lap around the outside of a circle Circumference
The distance measured across the circle Example: Across the pizza the distance from crust directly across to the other side of the crust Diameter
Half of the distance measured across the circle Example: Semi=truck making a sharp enough turn to make a "U" turn Radius
A device that holds work pieces and aligns them with the tool or machine Example: A toaster guides the bread into a machine like a fixture Fixture
A force that tends to produce rotation or torsion Example: Please torque down the lug nuts on the car. Torque
The rubbing of one surface to another Example: the brakes create friction between the brake pads and the rotors. Friction causes heat. Friction
A small repeatable oscillating movement Example: the weed eater has a distinct vibration Vibration
A thin strip of metal/wood sometimes wedge-shaped Example: Please shim up the work to make it level Shim
Precision ground tool used to prop work parts up out of the vise to prevent the vise from being machined Example: Put the parallels under your work so the drill does not drill the parallels Parallels
Projections of a signle view of an object in which the view is projected along lines perpendicular to both the view and the drawing surface Example: Top, Front, and Right Side view. Orthographic Projection
Programmable Logic Controller Example: the saw has a PLC on it that allows it to be programmed to cut at different lengths. Microwave, Ipod, all have PLCs PLC
The capacity for vigorous activity, available power Energy
Pertaining to forces in or motions of fluids Examples: Hydraulics use fluids to move heavy objects Hydrodynamic
Rapidity in moving, going, ECT: swiftness Example: the drill is moving at a speed of 350 revolutions per minute Speed
A certification that allows a manufacturer to sell their products worldwide. ISO 9000
A hollow form or matrix that gives a shape to something; to produce by shaping material Example: the plastic toy that is sold at fast food places Mold
A cut made by a saw Example: the band saw blade removes material, that removed material is called a kerf Kerf
technique or science of making a compounding alloys Examples: the metallurgist mixed various metals to form the alloy mix he needed Metallurgy
an external layer of metal plates Example: many hot rodders send custom partsto the platers to have them chrome plated Plating
A rapid cooling of metal Example: metal is quenced after it has been welded to cool the metal. Quench
Created by: tiliff