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Freshman seminar

What is habit one? Be Proactive
What is habit two? Begin with the End in Mind
What is habit three? Put First Things First
Define habit. Things done repeatedly without actually being aware that we are doing them.
Define paradigm. The way you see something, your point of view, or frame of reference or belief.
What are the three main paradigms? Paradigms of self, of others and of life.
Identify the life centers. Friends, stuff, boyfriend/girlfriend. School, parents, sports, hobbies self and work.
The only center that works Principle centered-they will never fail you.
What does Personal Bank Account mean? How you feel about yourself.
What is an example of a personal bank account deposit? Keeping promises, random acts of kindness, being gentle with yourself, being honest, renewing yourself, tapping into your talents.
Define Proactive Take responsibility for yourself.
What do reactive people make their choices based on? impulses
What do proactive people make their choices based on? Values and principles
What type of talk puts you in control of your life? Proactive language
What type of negative talk shows no self-control? Reactive language
What is the victimus virus? Believing everyone has it in for you-world owes you something
Define Change Agent. A person that changes a cycle of something bad and passes on good habits to future
What are the 4 power tools to be proactive? Self-awareness, conscience, imagination and will power
Why is it important to begin with the end in mind? So no one else will do it for you.
What is a mission statement? A motto or blueprint that states what your life is about and what you believe in.
What are the three watch outs to avoid in a mission statement? Negative labels, It’s all over syndrome and wrong wall-leading life in the right direction.
What does the S in Smart Goal Planning stand for? Specific
What does the M in Smart Goal Planning stand for? Measurable
What does the A in Smart Goal Planning stand for? Attainable
What does the R in Smart Goal Planning stand for? Realistic
What does the T in Smart Goal Planning stand for? Tangible and Timely
When looking at prioritizing what are important things considered? Things that contribute to your mission and goals.
When looking at prioritizing what are urgent things considered? Pressing, in your face things that demand immediate attention.
What are results of too much time being a procrastinator? Stress, anxiety, burnout, poor performance.
What are the characteristics of a procrastinator? Putting things off till later, uses terms like someday
What are results of too much time being a yes man? Lack of discipline and feeling like a doormat
What are the characteristics of a yes man? Trying to please other people
What are the characteristics of a prioritizer? Plans ahead, puts important things first
What are results of too much time being a slacker? Guilt, flakiness
What are the characteristics of a slacker? Lazy, unmotivated
In the analogy of filling a box with various sized rocks, what do the big rocks of life represent? The most important things that need to be done in a week.
In the analogy of filling a box with various sized rocks, what do the pebbles of life represent? Everything else in life that goes on that is not important.
What is considered the worst “sick” emotion? fear
Explain and describe what the comfort and courage zones are? Represents things you are familiar with and places you know.
What does “Winning means rising each time you fall” mean? Worry less about failing and more about the chances we miss when we don’t even try.
Explain the difference between the big and small hard moments in life. Small Hard Moments-Daily challenges-getting up, doing homework:Large Hard Moments-Breakups, Divorce, Peer Pressure
What is the key to overcoming and resisting peer pressure? Discipline in sticking with your PBA, Mission Statement and goals.
What are the two common ingredients for success? Discipline and will power
When you are unaware that you don’t even know how to do something Unconsciously unskilled
When you have a habit you do without even knowing you are doing it. Unconsciously skilled
Created by: rseneta
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