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Geo L.A. Quiz

Quiz over Latin America

Conqueror of the Aztecs with less than 1000 men. Hernan Cortes
Conqueror of the Inca, assassinated by his own men. Francisco Pizarro
Looking for a new route to India, he landed in what is now the Bahamas. Christopher Columbus
This sub region contains the countries from Mexico to Panama. Middle America
This sub region contains the islands of Cuba, Jamaica, and many other islands. Caribbean
This sub region contains the Andes the longest mountain range. South America
A narrow piece of land that links two larger areas of land North and South America. Isthmus
A chain of islands is known as? Archipelago
A series of steep cliffs that drop down to the Atlantic Coastal plain. Escarpment
Tropical grasslands in South America. Llanos
The Great Plains of South America, used for cattle herding and grain farming. Pampas
Smaller Rivers that flow into a larger river. Tributary
Area where river currents and ocean tides meet. Estuary
Alcohol produced from sugarcane and gasoline. Gasohol
Exchange of plants and animals, without it we wouldn't have so many great foods. Columbian Exchange
If I was in the Tierra Caliente (Hot Land), what crops could I grow? Bananas, Rice, Sugarcane, Cacao
If i was growing Coffee, Corn, or Citrus, what Altitude Climate Zone would I be in? Tierra Templada (Temperate Land)
If I was in the Tierra Fria (Cold Land), what crops could I grow? Barley, Wheat, Potatoes, Apples
This area is so high up in the mountains that I could not grow any crops, where would i be? Tierra Helada (Frozen Land)
Because of its strength and abundance, this black lava rock was used by the Aztecs in weapons and other uses, what is it called? Obsidian
This civilization used human sacrifice as the center of their religion? The Aztecs
This major river separates the U.S. and Mexico. The Rio Grande
These were created for more usable land, by piling mud on top of rafts. Chinampas
Has a Good Neighbor Policy with Latin America? United States
Help link two oceans and make it better on many economies throughout the world. Panama Canal
Many Latin American countries still believe this to be their best export. Agricultural Products
This sparked many countries in Latin American countries to gain their Independence. Rebellion in Haiti
Created by: Pancho60



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