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Elizabethan Period

Shakespeare - Life of William Shakespeare

When was Shakespeare born? April 23, 1564
Where was he born? Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire
Who were his parents? John and Mary Shakespeare
How many siblings did Shakespeare have? Eight
When did Shakespeare begin his education? When he was 6-7 years old
Where did he go to school? Stratford Grammar School
What books did he use for school? ABC, Hornbook
What kinds of plays did Shakespeare write? Tragedies, Comedies, Romances,and Histories
Where were many of his plays performed? Globe Theater
When did the Globe Theater first open? 1599
When did the Globe Theater burn down? 1613
When was the Globe Theater reopened? 1614
What was a romance that Shakespeare wrote? The Winter's Tales
What was a comedy that Shakespeare wrote? As You Like It
What was a tragedy that Shakespeare wrote? Romeo and Juliet
What was a history that Shakespeare wrote? King John
Other than a poet, what else was Shakespeare trained in doing? merchant, alderman, high baliff, actor, owner of a playhouse/theater
When did Shakespeare die? April 23, 1616
How old was Shakespeare when he died? 52
Where did he die? His hometown
Why do we study his works today? His works can relate to our everyday lives and emotions.
Created by: patrij16