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KIN: Elbow 1/2

What type of joint is the elbow joint? Hinge
What side of the humerus is the trochlea on? Medial
Where is one of the thinnest areas of cartilage in the human body? Elbow joint
Where is the coronoid fossa located? Above the trochlear groove
What bone articulates with the trochlea? Ulna
What bone articulates with the capitulum? Radius
Where is the radial fossa located? Above capitulum
Where does the biceps brachii insert? Bicipital tuberosity
How is the radial articulation with the humerus typically fractured? FOOSH
Arthrokinematics of HUJ? Roll and slide same (Concave on convex)
Is there much contact in the HRJ at rest in full extension? No
What type of joint does the HRJ act like during pronation/supination? Pivot
Arthrokinematics for HRJ Roll and slide same (Concave on convex)
Does the elbow have very good dynamic stability? No
What does the elbow rely on? Static constraints
What makes up the elbow stability? Articular surface - 50% Collateral ligaments - 50%
Is injury more common to MCL or LCL of elbow? MCL
Where does the anterior part of the MCL attach?? Coronoid process of ulna
What is the primary stabilizer to valgus stress from 20 - 120 degrees? Anterior part of MCL
Which part of the MCL stays on the ulna? Oblique
Which band of the MCL is the strongest and stiffest? Anterior
When do the posterior fibers become taut? Deep flexion
When are the majority of the MCL fibers taut? Extension
Does the MCL complex originate at the center of the axis of elbow rotation? No
How is the MCL shaped? Triangular
How is the LCL shaped? Fan-shaped
Which is stronger, MCL or LCL? MCL
Where does the LCL run? Lateral epicondyle of humerus to annular ligament and olecranon process
Does the LCL complex lie in the center of the joint axis? What does this mean? Yes Consistent length throughout ROM
What motions increase tension on the MCL-A? Valgus Extension>Flexion
What motions increase tension on MCL-P? Valgus Flexion
What motions increase tension on LCL-RC? Varus
What motions increase tension on LCL-LUC? Varus Flexion
What motions increase tension on Annular? Distraction of radius
50% resectino of olecranon process does what for stability? Decreases
What are the flexors of the elbow? Biceps Brachialis Brachioradialis
What are the extensors of the elbow? Triceps Anconeus
O of biceps brachii? SH - corocoid process LH - supraglenoid tubercle
I of biceps brachii? Biceps tuberosity
Where will the biceps brachii have maximal EMB? Simultaneous supination and flexion
O of brachialis? Anterior surface of lower portion of humeral shaft
I of brachialis? Coronoid process of proximal ulna
Where is the brachialis in relation to biceps brachii? Deep
What muscle has the largest cross sectional area of any elbow mucle? Brachialis
What is the primary elbow flexor? Brachialis
O of brachioradialis? Lateral supracondyler ridge of distal lateral 2/3 of humerus
I of brachiradialis? Lower end of radius just proximal to styloid process
Do motions of pronation or supination have an effect on brachialis? Why/Why not? No Because of the attachment to distal ulna
What position should your arm be in to check biceps brachii? Supination
What position should your arm be in to check brachioradialis? Neutral
What position should your arm be in to check brachiallis? Pronation
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