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Antidepressants PTCE

Celexa citalopram SSRI (interact w/ phenytoin) tab, liq
Cymbalta duloxetine SSRI (interact w/ phenytoin) cap
Lexapro escitalopram SSRI (interact w/ phenytoin) tab
Prozac fluoxetine SSRI (interact w/ phenytoin) cap, liq
Luvox fluvoxamine SSRI (interact w/ phenytoin) tab
Paxil paroxetine SSRI (interact w/ phenytoin) tab
Zoloft sertraline SSRI (interact w/ phenytoin) tab
Effexor venlafaxine SSRI (interact w/ phenytoin) tab, timed release cap
TCAs MOA: block reuptake of norepinephrine or serotonin CI: depression, nocturia AR: cardiotoxic @ high doses, postural hypotension (elderly), drowsiness, anticholinergic effects SPECIAL: may not have results for several weeks
Elavil amitriptyline TCA tab, injection
Anafranil clomipramine TCA cap
Norpramin desipramine TCA tab
Sinequan, Zonalon doxepin TCA cap, liquid, cream
Tofranil imipramine TCA cap, injection, tab
Pamelor, Aventyl nortriptyline TCA cap, oral solution
Vivactil protriptyline TCA tab
Tetracyclic Antidepressant CI: depression and anxiety AR: high potential for seizure SPECIAL: delayed effect, slow discontinuation Ludiomil maprotiline, tab
Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors MOA: inhib enzymes that breakdown catecholamines CI: atypical depression AR: possible hypertension SPECIAL: discontinue for 2 weeks prior to new therapy beginning, avoid certain foods w/ tyramine (aged cheeses, certain wines/yeast products) DO NOT TAKE w/ : ephedrine, amphetamine, metyhlphenidate, levodopa, meperidine
Nardil phenelzine MAOI tab
Eldepryl selegiline MAOI tab
Parnate tranylcypromine MAOI tab
SSRIs MOA: block reuptake of serotonin AR: nervousness, insomnia, nausea, diarrhea, loss of weight, decreased libido, ejac disturb CI: major depression, OC, anxiety SPECIAL: delay of onset 10-21 days, avoid alch, interact with phenytoin
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