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Elizabethan Period

Shakespeare - Elizabethan Theater

Where were the theaters located? outside
Who did not appreciate the plays? the church
What was the only problem with the plays during the time period? The Bubonic Plague could easily be spread in close quarters
What was the name of the theater where Shakespeare wrote and performed his plays? The Globe Theater
When were plays held? at 3 pm so there would be enough light for the audience to see
What was the purpose of a flag on top of a theater? To tell the audience what genre of play they would be performing
What genre did RED represent? history
What genre did WHITE represent? comedy
What genre did BLACK represent? tradgedy
Did Shakespeare's plays involve many props? no
If there were props, what kind specifically did they use? war objects
TRUE or FALSE? Men took the roles of women during the play true
What were the costumes like? mostly dresses, were Roman and British style, and once again the color and style of clothing represented status
How much did it cost to see a play? 1 penny, the equivalent of $12 today
How many people could fit into one stadium usually? 1000 people
Richard Burbage was the first to play as who? Hamlet, Macbeth, Orthello, Romeo, etc.
What was the King's Men? A group of playwrites that Shakespeare was in for some time.
What was the pit? The place in front of the stage where the orchestra plays music for the play
What was the groundling? Where people could stand and watch plays
What were the heavens? the roof/canopy of wood over stage
What was used to make a dramatic entrance when performing in a play? Trap doors on the stage
What was the Tiring House? Where actors waited and prepared for when he would perform.
Created by: patrij16