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Matthews Vocab #3

Overbearing; proud; haughty Arrogant
One who boasts a great deal Braggart
Self-satisfied; smug Complacement
Lacking respect; scournful Contemptuous
Full of bitter scorn and pride; aloof Disdainful
Excessively self-absorbed; very conceited Egotistical
Having great pride in oneself and dislike for others Haughty
Boldly disrespectful in speech or behavior; rude Insolent
Having to do with extreme self-adoration and a feeling of surperiority to everyone Narcissistic
Having to do with showing off; pretentious Ostentatious
too forward or bold; overstepping proper bonds Presumptuous
Claiming or pretending increased importance; ostentatious; affectly grand Pretentious
Looking down on others; proud and scornful Supercilious
To walk around proud, showy manner; to baost in a loud manner Swagger
Created by: EmmaRose843