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FACS 1 CH 15

FACS 1 CH 15 Vocabulary

Pare Use a peeler or a paring knife to cut a very thin layer of peel from fruit or vegetables.
Grate Rub food on a grater to make very fine particles.
Cube to cut food into same-size pieces, about 1/2 inch on each side.
Dice To cut foods into same-size pieces, about 1/2 inch on each side.
Chop To cut food into small irregular pieces.
Mince To chop food until all the pieces are as small as possible.
Shred To cut food into long, thin pieces.
Slice To cut food into thin, flat pieces.
Puree To put food through a blender , or food processor, so it becomes a smooth, thick mass.
Blend To mix ingredients together thoroughly until they're completely uniform.
Cut in To mix shortening and flour using a pastry blender or two knives and a cutting motion.
Fold in To combine two foods, such as beaten egg whites and batter, with a very gentle motion.
Cream To beat shortening and sugar until soft, smooth, and creamy.
Whip To add air and increase volume by beating food rapidly.
Toss To tumble a mixture, such as salad, very lightly.
Preheat Turn on an appliance, such as an oven, or skillet, ahead of time so that it will be at the right temperature when you put the food in..
Boil To heat a liquid until bubbles rise to the surface and break, or to cook food in boiling water
Simmer To heat a liquid just until bubbles form slowly, but do not reach the surface.
Baste To cook or pour liquid over food as it cooks.
Chill Refrigerate food until it's cold.
Grease Spread a thin layer of unsalted liquid or shortening in the pan, or use a cooking spray.
Drain To remove excess liquid from food.
Garnish To decorate a food or dish with a small, colorful food such as parsley, or a lemon slice.
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