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Respiratory clinical

Procedures: Aerosol And Humidity Therapy

The larger the particle size, the larger the tendancy to_____? RAIN OUT OF SUSPENSION
The greater the concentration of particles, greater the tendancy to what? coalece into larger particles and RAIN OUT.
Penetration? depth within the resp. tract
deposition? rain-out of aerosol particles
gravities effect on penetration and deposition? decreases penetration and increases premature deposition(minimal effect on aerosol particulates)
Kinetic Energy is the same thing a ? Temperature
What effect does inertial impaction have on aerosol therapy? deposition of particles is increased at any pointe of directional change or increased airway resistance. Smaller airway diameter , greater the tendancy for deposition.
What is the most improtant variable that can be controlled while giving aerosol therapy? Ventilatory pattern
Name 5 ideal ventilatory patterns? 1. large slow inspired vital capacity over 3- 4 seconds 2. after 3-4 second breath holding for maximm deposition 3. Mask should be used with LG. vol. NEBS and USN's 4. Exhalation should be relaxed and normal 5. couging at the end of the treatment
3 clearance mechanism of Aerosols 1. Mucociliary Escalator 2. Normal cough Mechanism 3. Phagocytosis by TypeIII alveolar cells
Bland aersol is given with which types of fluids? 1. aerosolized sterile water 2. isotonic,hypertonic saline
Indications for aerosol therapy 1.presence of upper airway edema, laryngotracheobronchitis, subglottic edema, postextubation edema, postoperative management of the upper airway, presence of a bypassed upper airway heated bland aerosol(hypertonic,hyotonic,mucomist)
Created by: jweezy_2005