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radiowksheet casey

worksheet casey made

The law of bergonie’ and trivondeau states that Stem cells are radiosensitive, younger cells and tissues are more radiosensitive, and a high metabolic rate increases the radio-sensitivity of cells.
About 15 % of the cell is Protein
Gene pairs of the cell is Alleles
If a one break effect to a chromosome does not reattach, it is called Terminal deletion
This summarizes the characteristics of radiation Most mutations are undesirable and mutagenic effects are probably cumulative
Cancer cells differ from normal cells in what ways An increased amount of chromatin and an increased ratio of nuclear material to cytoplasm
Low LET radiations such as x radiation and gamma radiation are also Sparsely ioninzing
The 2n number in cells is also known at the _____ number Diploid
Main chain scission Is the breakage of the thread or backbone of the long-chain macromolecule, results in the reduction of a long, single molecule into many smaller molecules, reduces not only the size of the macromolecule but also the viscosity of the solution
Point lesions Can result in a minor modification of the molecule
Radiolysis of water results in the formation of Ions and free radicals
According to the target theory, cell death occurs only if the target molecule is inactivated
According to the target theory, in the presence of oxygen The indirect effect is amplified
When human cells replicate by mitosis, the average time from one mitosis to another is called the cell cycle time or cell generation time
Cross-linking Process in which small spur-like molecules extend off the main chain and attach to a neighboring macromolecule or to another segment of the same molecule
Free radicals Uncharged molecules containing a single unpaired electron in the valence or outermost shell
In vitro Outside the body or cell
Main-chain scission Breakage of the thread or backbone of the long chain macromolecule
Point lesions Disruptions of single chemical bonds in a molecule that can result in minor modifications of the molecule
In vivo Within the body or cell
Point mutation Molecular lesions of the DNA that cause genetic mutations occurring as a result of radiation damage
Viscosity Thick fluidity
In the presence of oxygen, the effects of low-LET radiation is amplified
When an interaction occurs between radiation and the target, a _______ is said to have occurred. When it occurs through indirect effect, the size of the target appears considerably ______because of the mobility of the ________ Direct hit, larger, free radicals
When water is irradiated, it _________ into other molecular products. This action is termed the ________ of water Dissociates, radiolysis
_________ is the most important molecule in the human body because it contains the _________ information DNA, genetic
_________control the growth and development of the cell Chromosomes
It is believed that observable human radiation injury results from change at the ________ level Molecular
The occurance of molecular lesions is categorized into effects on _________ and effects on _______ Macromolecules, water
Since the human body is an aqueous solution containing 80% _________ molecules, radiation interaction with ________ is the principal radiation interaction in the body. Water, water
Essentially, the law of Bergonie’ and tribondeau states that _________ is a function of the metabolic state of the cell being irradiated Radiosensitivity
Created by: hseratt