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IntroJazz 2

Second Test

What are some albums recorded by Francy Bolard and Kenny Clark? (Clark / Bolard) They were one of the first bands from overseas. Sax No End, Now Hear Our Meanin', Handle With Care
What sax configuration did the Clark / Bolard band use? 1 alto, 3 tenor, 1 bari
What was interesting about the configuration of Rob McConnell and Brass Boss? They had 2 french horns and a 6 piece rhythm section including vibes and percussion. Sound sharing was used, where the vibes or guitar would follow the melody line.
What are some albums by Rob McConnell and Brass Boss? Rob McConnell and Brass Boss Play Jazz Classics, Our 25th Year
What are some albums by Peter Herbolzheimer? Twenty Jahre, Colors of a Band
What are some notable albums by the Norrbotten Big Band? Who was their band leader? Future North, Future Miles, The Avatar Sessions. They were led by Tim Haggens until recently.
What is a notable album by the Metropole Orchestra? Andy Martin and the Metropole Orchestra
What is a notable album by WDR and who did they record it with? Some Skunk Funk, is was recorded with the Brecker Bros.
What are some notable albums by Tom Kubis? Slightly off the Ground, At Last
What are some notable albums by Jack Sheldon? Jack Sheldon Sings, Jack is Back
Who were the three heads of Clayton / Hamilton Jazz Orchestra? John Clayton - main writer, Jeff Hamilton, Jeff Clayton
What are some notable albums by the Clayton / Hamilton Jazz Orchestra? Groove Shop, Absolutely, Heart and Soul, Explosive
What are some notable albums by altoist Kim Richmonds Jazz Orchestra? Passages, Refractions
What are some notable albums by Bill Holeman? A View From the Side, Brilliant Corners (Thelonious Monk tunes)
What are some notable albums by Bob Florences "Limited Edition" band? Earth, Serendipity 18
Who is Gordon Goodwyne? He is a band leader from LA
What are some albums by the Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra? Presenting the TJ / ML Big Band, Live at the Village Vanguard, Monday Night, Central Park North, Consummation, Potpourri, The Great One (Dutch Jazz Orch), To You, Lickety Split
What is the Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Jazz Orch known as today? The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra
What was McCoy Tyner's band setup like? 3 trump, 2 trombone, 1 french horn, 1 tuba, 2 flutes doubling 2 alto, 2 tenor, full rhythm section
What are some notable recordings by McCoy Tyner? Updown/Downtown, Journey, The Turning Point
What are some notable recordings by Wynton Marsalis' Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra? Live in Swing City, They Came to Swing
What are some notable albums by Bob Mintzers's Big Band? The Art of the Big Band, Incredible Journey, Camoflage, Only In New York
What are some notable albums by Maria Schneider? Evanescence, Coming About, Allegresse, Concert in the Garden
What is a notable album by Toshiko Akyoshi? Desert Lady/Fantasy
What are some notable albums by John Fedchock? New York Big Band, On the Edge, No Nonsense
What are some notable albums by the Charles Mingus Big Band? Nostalgia in Times Square, Mingus Big Band Live
As big band instrumentation was established which became more prominent? Group improv, elimination of solos, or call & response between brass and winds. call & response between brass and winds.
Which big band style was dominated by riffs rather than elaborately written out arrangements? Kansas City style swing
“Stompin’ at the Savoy” was a big band hit, what was the Savoy? The Savoy was a ballroom in New York that was one of the most popular places to dance and listen to swing.
What are the characteristics of Coleman Hawkins’ sound? Compared to Lester Young Their biggest difference was their timbre. Hawkins had more of a big, rich sound than Young did, both played in Kansas City bands and were harmonic improvisers.
How did Charlie Christian change the role of the jazz guitar? He was one of the first people to to use electric amplification and was one of the first famous jazz guitar soloists.
What was Art Tatum’s contribution to jazz players of all instruments? Art Tatum was a pioneer of substitute chords, chords that are added to the original chords of a tune and his melodic lines.
Which of the following singers utilize scat singing the most? Billie Holliday, Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald Ella Fitzgerald
Count Basie wrote the tune “Jumpin at the Woodside”. What was the Woodside? The Woodside was a hotel and musicians hangout in Harlem.
The Prez was the nickname for which jazz tenor player? Lester Young
Created by: collinsleen515
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