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*Ch 35 & 36 Review

Ch 35 & 36 Review

In a variable kV system, the ____ is varied to achieve an appropriate image density. mAs
T/F: In a variable kV system, the mAs is varied to achieve an appropriate image contrast False
In a variable kV system, the Kv is varied according to the measure of the body part _____. thickness
T/F: An advantage of a variable kV system is the small incremental changes in exposure for variations in the body part thickness are possible true
T/F: Increasing kVp reduces radiographic contrast. true
Steps for a variable kV system should be in groups of ___ amount of centimeters in increments. 5
The effective use of a variable kVp technique chart requires the use of ____. calibers
The optimal kV is the max kV level that will produce images with the appropriate _____. contrast
T/F: Reducing mA decreases x-ray tube heating. true
T/F: Reduced mA prolongs filament life. true
T/F: Reduced time minimizes patient motion. True
T/F: The optimal kVp produces higher contrast and maximum dose false (low contrast/pt dose)
T/F: An advantage of fixed kVp system is that small incremental changes in exposure variation in body part thickness are possible. false
In a fixed kVp system _____ is held constant. kVp
What are the advantages of a fixed kVp system? uniform contrast, longer scale, reduced patient dose, reduce tube wear-out
kVp has a profound effect on what? type of interaction, average photon energy, and contrast
The objective of optimal kVp is to determine the ____ and ____. highest kVp; lowest scale contrast
the primary variable on a fixed kV system is ____. mAs
The mAs values for a fixed kV system must be set at a minimum increment of ____ %. 30
When more than one ionization chamber is used, the signal is ____. averaged
If the primary beam is collimated from an activated chamber, the result would be a ______. dark radiograph