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Sadlier Oxford H

WCHS Unit 11-H

apostate (n) one who forsakes his or her religion, party or cause
bravado (n) a display of false or assumed courage
consensus (n) a collective or general agreement of opinion, feeling, or thinking
constrict (v) to make smaller or narrower, draw togehter, squeeze; to stop or cause to falter
dichotomy (n) a division into two constradictory or mutually exclusive parts; a branching or forking in an ancestral line
effusive (adj) highly demonstrative; unrestrained
euphoria (n) a feeling of great happiness or well-being, often with no objective basis
gothic (adj) characterized by or emphasizing a gloomy setting and grotesque or violent events; such a literary or artistic style; a type of medieval architecture
impasse (n) a dead end; a position from which there is no escape; a problem to which there is no solution
lugubrious (adj) sad, mournful, or gloomy, especially to an exaggerated or ludicrous degree
metamorphosis (n) a complete transformation, as if by magic
mystique (n) an aura or attitude of mystery or veneration surrounding something or someone
non sequitur (n) an inference or conclusion that does not follow logically from the facts or premises
parlous (adj) full of danger or risk, perilous
punctilio (n) a minute detail of conduct or procedure; an instant of time
quagmire (n) soft, soggy mud or slush; a difficult or entrapping situation
quizotic (adj) extravagantly or romatntically idealistic; visionary without regard to practical considerations
raconteur (n) a person who tells stories and anecdotes with great skill
sin qua non (n) an essential or indispensible element or condition
vendetta (n) a prolonged feud, often between two families, characterized by retaliatory acts of revenge; any act motivated by vengenance
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