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Radiographic Path. 2

Bone Pathology

Loss of blood flow to the head of the femur, resulting in necrosis of the femoral head and deformity. Legg-Perthes
Fragmentation of subchondral bone due to avascular necrosis, resulting in free moving fragments within the joint space Osteochondritis dissecans
Benign fluid-containing lesion which can affect all the skeleton bones Bone cyst
Aggressive malignant neoplasm raising the periosteum from the cortex and laying down spicules of new bone Osteosarcoma
Diseased plasma cells invade the marrow and replace the red blood cells Multiple myeloma
When primary cancer cells break off and travel via the lymphatic or circulatory system to another body area Secondary tumors
Metabolic disease caused by a lack of Vitamin D or by a lack of sunlight Rickets
Overall demineralization of bone due to calcium reduction in the bones Osteoporosis
Spinal deformity due to the effects of osteoporosis Kyphosis
Genetic disorder resulting in the epiphyseal plates fusing prematurely in the skull and long bones Achondroplasia
Joint laxity at the hip developing due to a child's position in the womb Congenital hip dysplasia
A degenerative disease where Normal bone is absorbed and replaced by lucent patchy bone Pagets disease
Congenital disorder in which a portion of the spinal canal contents protrude due developmental failure of the neural arch to close Spina Bifida
Lateral deviation of the spine resulting in abnormal spinal curvature Scoliosis
Herniation of the nucleus pulposus into the spinal canal or degeneration of the disc due to the aging process Intervertebral disc disease
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