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Itemized Deduction4

Charitable contributions

What are qualified charitable organizations Qualified organizations are generally nonprofit groups that are charitable reglious,educational,scientific,orliterary in purpose or that work to prevent cruelty to children or animals
Which of the following outlays are deductible as charitable contributions: Church,a wothy individual,scholarship fund for a school,tickets for school alumni banquet,donation Boy Scouts,scout camp fee for child,YMCA membership dues,YMCA building fund Church,scholarship fund for school,donation to Boy Scouts,YMCA building fund
Is the cost of items purchased to benefit a charitable organization deductible(example,ballet tickets to raise money for a nonprofit hospital) Only the amount paid in excess of the value of the item is deductible.
What is the general deduction limit for charitable contributions 50% of the taxpayer's AGI.Lower limits may apply for certain organizations and donation of appreciated property
What can be deducted by a volunteer workers Out-of-pocket expenses for uniforms,equipment,supplies,transportation,and food and lodging if away from home overnight
What can be claimed by volunteers in lieu of actual gas and oil expenses 0.14 per mile
May a volunteer claim a deduction for permitting a charitable organization to use property without charge No deduction is allowed for donation of the use of property
A taxpayer wrote a check for a $500 donation to his mosques.Is his cancelled check sufficient documentation to support his deduction No.Because the gift exceeded $249 the taxpayer must have written confirmation fron the donee organization
Created by: dawn2000
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