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Chapter 2

DHS PS Ch. 2 - Motion (2015)

When an object changes its position relative to a reference point it is called? Motion
How far an object has moved from its original position is know as? Distance
The distance an object travels per unit of time is called? Speed
Any change over time is known as? Rate
What is the formula used to solve for speed? s = d / t
Speed that does NOT change over time is? Constant speed
Speed is usually not constant; usually an object has what kind of speed? Changing speed
Speed of motion when speed is changing is called? Average speed
The formula for finding average speed is? Avg. Speed = total distance/total time
The direction and speed of an object is described by its? velocity
This is the distance an object travels per unit of time: speed
The distance between an object and a reference point is the object's? position
The SI unit of distance is the? meter
The distance between the final position and the starting position and the direction is the? displacement
If you leave your house at 9:00 am to walk to your grandma's house 4 km away, and on your way you stop at Speedway for 15 minutes and arrive at your grandma's at 9:30 am, what was your average speed for the trip to your grandma's house? speed = distance/time 4km/.5h = 8km/h
If the acceleration is in the opposite direction as the velocity, the speed of the object will do what? decrease
Describe the motion of an object that has an acceleration of 0 m/s²? constant motion or no change in motion
What is the change in velocity divided by the time needed for the change to happen? acceleration
If the line on a speed-time graph slopes downward to the right, then acceleration is? negative
If a motorcycle is accelerating so that its speed is increasing what does the plotted line on a speed-time graph look like? it slopes upward to the right
If the acceleration is in the same direction as the velocity, the speed of the object will do what? increase
The horses on a carousel are moving at a constant speed but accelerate because? the direction of the horses' motion is constantly changing
This happens when an object's velocity decreases? negative acceleration
The name for the slant of a line on a graph? slope
Speed and direction is known as? velocity
The rate of change of position at a specific point in time is known as? instantaneous speed
If you ride a motorcycle down a straight road for 700 m then turn around and ride back to your starting position, your distance is _____ your displacement. greater than
The speed you read on a speedometer is called? instantaneous speed
15 m/s west is an example of? velocity
The relationship among speed, distance, and time is? s=d/t
A single point on a distance - time graph tells the? instantaneous speed
A merry-go-round horse moves at a constant speed but at a changing? velocity
On a speed-time graph, a line with a negative slope shows that the object is? slowing down
When the motion of an object is shown by a straight line on a distance vs time graph with distance on the y-axis, the slope of the line is the? speed
Displacement must always show? direction
Tommy runs in a constant direction on a straight road. The velocity vs. time graph of Tommy's motion shows a straight line with a negative slope. What does the line tell you about Tommy's speed? it is decreasing
When velocity changes by the same amount over each time interval, acceleration is? constant
On a distance vs. time graph, the line of an object at rest is a? flat line with a slope of zero
The difference between speed and velocity is that velocity includes? direction
Acceleration is defined as the change in velocity divided by? time
On a speed vs. time graph, constant acceleration is represented by a? straight line
If the acceleration is in the same direction as the velocity, the speed of the object will do what? increase
On a bus traveling 10 m/s South,a man stands up and walks toward the back of the bus at 1 m/s. What is the man's resultant velocity? 9 m/s South (He is still traveling South with the bus but is walking in the opposite direction of the bus.)
Momentum is equal to _______ times _______ . mass, velocity
Speed is measured in _____ . m/s
Distance is measured in ____ . meters
Time is measured in _____ . seconds
Momentum is measured in _____ . kg x m/s
Acceleration is measured in ______ . m/s2
Momentum is represented by a ___ . p
Mass is represented by a ___ . m
Velocity is represented by a ___ . v
Time is represented by a ___ l t
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