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exam one

formed in 1973; prevents discrimination against individuals with disabilities by any institution receiving federal funds; protects students who are not eligible under IDEA Section 504 Vocational Rehabilitation Act
signed in 1990; requires reasonable accommodations be provided in the workplace; employers may not ask if an applicant has a disability Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
All children from 3 to 21 are entitled to a free, appropriate, public education. Most recently updated in 2004. Students with disabilities must participate in general state and district wide testing Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
If students with disabilities receive accommodations for statewide tests, and those accommodations result in scores being unreliable or invalid, the student will not be considered to have participated in the assessment No Child Left Behind
what are 4 proponents of full inclusion? it reduces stigma, is beneficial, more efficient, and promotes equality
what are 4 proponents of a continuum of services? the option is necessary, it may be stigmatizing, general education teachers are not prepared for inclusion and their classrooms may lack appropriate resources
team that is intended to reduce inappropriate referrals and decrease the likelihood of future problems; first purpose is to see if intervention strategies can make a difference for a student who is struggling to succeed Prereferral Intervention Team
Along with a request for intervention, what else does the prereferral team need? students work, observations, test scores, and other relevant date
what are four intervention strategies? change your curriculum, add additional instruction and varying type of activities, increase reinforcement of classroom management, and rearrange your classroom environment
Early intervention services for students experiencing difficulty in school but not yet referred for special education; delivered in 3 tiers Response to Intervention (RTI)
evaluations and placement in special education programs cannot be done without... parental consent
what are some things that an IEP must include? students current academic level, measurable annual goals, special education related services, initiation date, duration, and frequency of services, how annual goals will be measured, how parents will be informed, and how progress will be monitored
parents and schools go through this when disagreements arise between them regarding a students education due process
What are three things to remember when collaborating with parents and families? be sensitive to family structure, maintain positive communication, and help parents cope with disabilities issues
what percentage of students service under IDEA? 8.7%
are individuals who are gifted, creative, and talented included under IDEA? No
What are some at risk factors for children? poverty, alcohol and drug exposure, depression, homelessness or frequent moves
a term borrowed by IDEA to ensure that districts comply with federal and state laws protecting the rights of students with disabilities least restrictive environment (LRE)
A formal resolution between the Pennsylvania Dept of Education and a group of families who had filed a law suit against PDE on behalf of a group of children with disabilities Gaskin Settlement Agreement
in the Gaskin Settlement Agreement, what are some changes PDE made in its system for exercising general supervision over special education? ensuring that all IEP teams determine goals can be implemented in a regular classroom, providing increased professional development for teachers, expanding and supporting training of parents of children with disabilities
Created by: hayleyprosser
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