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Proactive Maintenance basics

In a hydraulic system filters can be located? Anywhere they are needed to guard against expensive downtime, for safety or to ensure proper operation of Servo or Proportional valves.
Oil contamination can come from four sources what are they? New oil, ingressed, internally generated, and improper maintenance proceedures.
Typically a cooler in a hydraulic system has an avererage Delta T temperature drop across the cooler of about 10 degrees. What could cause an increase in temperature across the cooler? External restri8ction to air flow, internally blocked cooler cores, High Ambient temperatures, High pressure internal leakage.
The purpose of oil in the hydraulic system is to? Seal cool Lubricate and transmit power.
when getting an oil sample from an active machine the sample should be taken where? Ahead of the return filter.
When cleaning a suction screen inlet filter the technician should? Clean with ispropyl Alcohol use an ultrasonic cleaning machine and use compressed air to blow from the inside out to remove dirt and cleaning agents left in the screen.
When should filters and oil be changed in a hydraulic system? According to the operators manual maintenance schedule, or oil sample analysis to determine if the cleanliness and/or additive package compoents of the oil are breaking down, or in severe duty applications as often as needed.
the Beta ratio tells the capability of? A filters ability to remove contamination from the oil stream. The higher the number the more efficient the filter.
Cavitation in a pump causes? Fluid voids that implode breaking away surface material creating premature failure.
Some Internal leakage in a hydraulic system is acceptable and used for? Sealing, Cooling, Lubrication.
In a hydraulic system is External leakage acceptable? No!
Water, Dirt, Varnish, Foul smelling oil, Foam or discolored oil in a reservoir indicates the need to? Sample the oil to see what is in it, Change filters, check the machine for faulty hydraulic components and Drain, Flush and Refill the tank.
In a catastrophic failure fragments can? Migrate to other components causing sever parrallel damage throughout the system.
An intermittant Failure can cause? Erratic operation causing the machine to become unreliable.
A Degradation failure is? Progressive wear over time creating high pressure leaks causing the operating temperature of the fluid to increase.
Created by: OConnells Class