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Sociology Vocab 1

Sociology Ch.1 vocab

Sociology social science that studies human society and social behavior
Sociological Perspective a viewing of the behavior of groups in a systematic way
Sociological Imagination ability to see the connection between the longer world and our personal lives
Functionalist Perspective theoretical perspective that views society as a set of interrelated parts that work together to produce a stable society system
Dysfunctional negative consequence an element has for the stability of the social system
Interactionist Perspective theoretical perspective that focuses on how individuals interact with one another in society
Symbolic Interaction Interaction between people that takes place through the use of symbols
Latent Function unintended and unrecognized consequence of some element of society
Conflict Perspective theoretical perspective that focuses on those forces in society that promote competiton and change
Social Phenomena an observable fact or event that involves the human society
Social Darwinism perpective that holds that societies evolve toward stability and perfection
Ideal Type description of the essential characteristics of some aspect of society
Theory systematic explanation of the relationship among phenomena
Social Interaction how people relate to one another and influence each others behavior
Function positive consequence an element of society has for the maintenance of the social system
Verstehen empathetic understanding of the meanings others attach to their actions
Theoretical Perspective general set of assumptions about the nature of phenomena. in the case of sociology, a theoretical perspective outlines certain assumptions about the nature of social life
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