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Actuator and Accumulator Basics.

A check Valve can be used to? By pass a Restriction, Isolate an accumulator, as a Pressure control.
A hydropneumatic Accumulator seperates Nitrogen Gas from oil by? A Bladder, Piston or Diaphram.
Oil flowing out of the precharge(Schrader Valve) usually indicates? Bladder, Diaphram or Piston Seal damage.
Uses for an Accumulator in Mobile hydraulic machinery are? Develop Flow, Mqaintain Pressure, Absorb Shock.
Can an accumulator work if the machine if shut off? Yes
To service an accumulator the technician should? Lock out, Tago out, Deenergize and verify the entire machine is at an energy Zero state.
To reinstall an accumulator on a machine the tech should? Lubricate the oil port of the accumulator, introduce Nitrogen Gas slowly.
Why do we typically find Dry Nitrogen and the gas portion of an accumulator? Inert gas non flamable, not an accelerant and not affected by changes in temperature.
typical causes of accumulatore failures are? Improper mounting, Clamping issues, Excessive or inadequate precharge.
Teesting of hydraulic motors is performed by? Testing all components associated with the motor circuit except the motor. if they all pass testing the motor is faulty.
in a Hydraulic motor circuit Torque is? Pressure
In a hydraulic motor circuit Speed is? FLow
Do single rod double acting cylinders extend faster than they retract? no!
the major area within a cylinder can provide? High force, Low Speed
a Linear Actuator is a? Hydraulic Cylinder Providing straight line mechanical motion.
A Rotary Actuator is a? Hydraulic Motor providing rotart motion.
If you leave the bucket of a loader in the air unsupported by saftey lockouts while servicing the machine is the machine completely deactivated? No. there is still potential energy from gravity working on the loader arms and bucket.
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