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Psych Exam #1


Molecule that contains the chemical instructions for cells to manufacture various proteins. DNA
a molecule of DNA that contains the instructions to make proteins. Every cell carries an exact copy of the DNA. Chromosome
How many chromosomes do humans have? 43 chromosomes
How many chromosomes pairs do humans have? 23 pairs
A section of a chromosome and the basic unit for the transmission of heredity. Gene
Gamete are...? Reproductive cells
What kind of gamete cell does a male have? Sperm
what kind of gamete cell does a female have? Ova Singular:ovum
the single cell formed from the fusing of two gametes, a sperm and an ovum. Zygote
the naturally occurring termination of a pregnancy before the embryo or fetus is fully developed. Spontaneous abortion
the intentional termination of a pregnancy. Induced abortion
An organism’s entire genetic inheritance, or genetic potential. Genotype
the observable characteristic of a person, including appearance, personality, intelligence, and all other traits. Phenotype
environmental factors that affect genes & genetic expression; enhancing, halting, shaping, or altering the expression of genes, resulting in a phenotype that may differ markedly from the genotype. Epigentics
originate from one zygote, and share 100% genes. Monozygotic (identical) twins
2 separate zygotes (2 ovum, each fertilized by different sperm) and share 50% of their genes. Account for about 2/3 of all twins. Dizygotic (fraternal) twins
3 chromosomes at the 21st position; thus, 47 chromosomes vs. the usual 46 chromosomes Down Syndrome (trisomony-21)
uncontrollable tics and verbal outbursts; usually begins around the age of 5; affects ~ 1:250 children. Tourette Syndrome
fatal central nervous system disorder; usually exhibits in middle age. ~ 50% chance their children will also have the disease. The symptoms reveal themselves later in life, after usual childbearing years. Huntington's disease
a genetic disorder in which part of the X chromosome seems to be attached to the rest of it by a very thin string of molecules. Fragile X Syndrome
A person whose genotype includes a gene that is not expressed in the phenotype. And generally, only when the gene is inherited from both parents does the characteristic appear in the phenotype. A Carrier
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