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Standard Test Vocab

OGT/ ACT Vocab

Analyze To examine critically and to recognize the elements of why something happened
Apply Put to use or operation
Assess Examine critcally and extimate the value
Calculate Determine critically and estimate the value or significance of information
Classify Arrange or organize using caregories
Collect Gather together
Compare Find out how thing are alike or how they differ
Compose Create
Compute Calculate using mathematical operations
Construct Create by systematically arranging idea; to draw a figure that meets requirements
Constast Compare two things to show their significant differences
Convet Change to another form
Critique Judge and approve or disapprove
Define State the meaning of
Descrive Tell about in detail
Determine Decide upon; make an informed decision
Diagram Sketch or plan to help explain
Differentiate Tell difference between two or more things
Discern See clearly and see the differences between
Distinguish To see or show the difference between two things
Draw Infer from Particular facts and stay in more general form
Estimate Judge to approximate an answer or value
Evaluate Appraise or judge the quality, or importance, or worth of something
Examine Look closely and carefully
Explain Make plain or clear; To make known in detail
Explore Examine or go over carefully
Express Put in your own words
Generalize Infer from particular facts and state in more general form
Give Communicate
Give evidence Provide proof
Identify Recognize
Illustrate Make clear
Imply Hint; Suggest without being explicitly stated
Infer Draw a conclusion by reasoning
Inquire Tried to find out by Questioning
Interpret Explain the meaning of something in your own words
Investigate Search, explore; inspect carefully
Justify Show a satisfactory reason or excuse for something done
Label Put into certain classes classify designate or describe
Model Show an example
Order Put into meaningful order
Organize Combine and arrange
Predict Forecast or tell beforehand
Propose Plan and present
Recognize Identify
Refer Turn to for aid or information
Reflect Think carefully
Relate Connect Known facts
Represent Describe, portray, show
Respond To answer
Revise Change or read carefully in order to correct
Round To express the approximate value to the nearest tenth, hundredth etc.
Select Make a choice; pick
Show Prove or demonstrate
Simplify Make plainer or easier
Solve Answer; figure out
Sort Arrange in order
State Say
Suggest Mention or introduce an idea or plan for possible action
Summarize Restate in a very concise manner
Support Define an idea using facts or other evidence
Symbolize Use symbols or graphic illustration to explain
Trace Follow a plan
Utilize Put to use or apply
Validate Report or confirm an idea by giving facts
Verify Check For correctness or Prove to be true
Visualize Form a mental picture
Created by: nicholas.swaldo