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MN Exam Chest Module

MN State Exam Prep

2. What structure separates the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity? The diaphragm
What organs can be found within the mediastinum? Trachea and Heart
There lobes are present in which lung? Right
5.What is the name of the upper portion of the lung? Apex
The inferior lateral corners of the lungs, visible on a PA chest radiograph, are called _____? costophrenic angles
When taking a PA projection of the chest, the recommended SID is 72 inches
What is the purpose of the 72-inch SID used for chest radiography? Minimizes magnification of the heart shadow
Why is it important to use an upright position for chest radiography? *to demonstrate air-fluid levels *this position allows maximum lung expansion *this position minimizes magnification of the heart
10.In chest radiography, which body habitus is best imaged by placing the 35 x 43 cm IR crosswise in the upright grid cabinet? Hypersthenic
What technique is desirable for chest radiography? High kVp, high mA, and short exposure time
What is the purpose of rotating the patient's shoulders anteriorly for the PA projection of the chest? This motion rotates the scapulae out of the lungs.
Where does the central ray enter the patient for the upright, PA projection of the chest? Midsagittal plane at the level of T7
What is the proper placement of the arms for the upright lateral projection of the chest? Arms raised over the head, hands grasping opposite elbows
15.What are the proper patient instructions for the PA projection? Stop breathing after second deep inspiration
Lateral projections of the chest are taken with the left side against the IR because: Magnification of the cardiac silhouette is reduced with the left side near the IR.
How much should the central ray be angled cephalad for an AP axial projection of the chest if the patient cannot assume the lordotic position? 15 degrees
which chest projection and position are needed to demonstrate free pleural fluid along the dependent chest wall? AP, lateral decubitus
What projection is best for demonstration of the apices (apex plural form - top tip of an organ) of the lungs without body superimposition? AP axial, lordotic position
Why is a grid used for routine chest radiography? To reduce scatter fog caused by the use of high kVp
Created by: lroseissa22