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IT Verbs

Italian Verbs Present Tense

accadere to happen
accedere to access
accendere to turn on
apprendere to learn
assistere to assist
assolvere to absolve
assumere to assume, hire
attendere to wait for, to attend
cadere to fall
cedere to yield
chiedere to ask
chiudere to close
comprendere to comprehend
concludere to conclude
condividere to share
confondere to confuse
conoscere to know
consistere to consist
convincere to convince
correggere to correct
correre to run
risolvere to resolve
rispondere to respond/answer
rompere to break
scendere to descend
scrivere to write
sorridere to smile
spingere to push
acconsentire to agree
applaudire to applaud
aprire to open
assentire to agree, to consent
avvertire to announce
bollire to boil
conseguire to result
consentire to agree
convertire to convert
coprire to cover
divertire to enjoy
eseguire to do
fuggire to escape
inghiottire to swallow
inseguire to follow
investire to invest
mentire to lie
offrire to offer
partire to leave, depart
seguire to follow
sentire to hear
servire to serve
soffrire to suffer
vestire to dress
aderire to adhere
attribuire to attribute
benedire to bless
capire to understand
abitare to live
aiutare to help
arrivare to arrive
ascoltare to listen
aspettare to wait
ballare to dance
cambiare to change
camminare to walk
cantare to sing
cominciare to start
contare to count
dimenticare to forget
domandare to ask
giocare to play
girare to turn
guidare to drive
gustare to taste
imparare to learn
insegnare to teach
lavare to wash
volare fly
fare to do/to make
faccio I do/make
fai you do/make
fa he/she does/makes
facciamo we do/make
fate y’all do/make
fanno they do/make
andare to go
vado I go
vai you go
va he/she goes
andiamo we go
andate y’all go
vanno they go
bere to drink
bevo I drink
bevi you drink
beve he/she drinks
beviamo we drink
bevete y’all drink
bevono they drink
cogliere to gather
colgo I gather
cogli you gather
coglie he/she gathers
cogliamo we gather
cogliete y’all gather
colgono they gather
dovere must/to have to
devo I must/have to
devi you must/have to
deve he/she must/have to
dobbiamo we must/have to
dovete y’all must/have to
devono they must/have to
porre to put
pongo I put
poni you put
pone he/she puts
poniamo we put
ponete y’all put
pongono they put
potere to be able to
posso I can
puoi you can
puo he/she can
possiamo we can
potete y’all can
possono they can
rimanere to stay
rimango I stay
rimani you stay
rimane he/she stays
rimaniamo we stay
rimanete y’all stay
rimangono they stay
dire to tell/say
dico I tell/say
dici you tell/say
dice he/she tells/says
diciamo we tell/say
dite y’all tell/say
dicono they tell/say
salire to climb
salgo I climb
sali you climb
sale he/she climbs
saliamo we climb
salite y’all climb
salgono they climb
uscire to go out
esco I go out
esci you go out
esce he/she goes out
usciamo we go out
uscite y’all go out
escono they go out
credere to believe
crescere to grow
decidere to decide
difendere to defend
discutere to discuss
distinguere to distinguish
dividere to divide
esistere to exist
godere to enjoy
includere to include
insistere to insist
leggere to read
mettere to put
nascondere to hide
perdere to lose
permettere to allow
piangere to cry
prendere to take
pretendere to pretend
promuovere to promote
ridere to laugh
succedere to happen
temere to fear
trasmettere to broadcast
vedere to see
vincere to win
vivere to live
colpire to hit
costruire to construct
definire to define
digerire to digest
dimagrire to lose weight
esaurire to exhaust
esibire to exhibit
fallire to fail
ferire to wound
finire to finish
garantire to guarantee
gestire to manage
guarire to heal
impazzire to go mad
inserire to insert
istruire to instruct
preferire to prefer
pulire to clean
punire to punish
restituire to return
riunire to meet
sostituire to substitute
spedire to send
stabilire to establish
suggerire to suggest
tradire to betray
trasferire to transfer
ubbidire to obey
lavorare work
litigare quarrel
mandare send
mostrare show
notare notice
nuotare swim
pagare pay
pensare think
portare bring
provare try
raccontare narrate
ricordare remember
riposare rest
ritornare return
saltare jump
spiegare explain
studiare study
suonare play
tagliare cut
trovare find
viaggiare travel
stare to stay
sto I stay
stai you stay
sta he/she stays
stiamo we stay
state y’all stay
stanno they stay
dare to give
do I give
dai you give
he/she gives
diamo we give
date y’all give
danno they give
sapere to know
so I know
sai you know
sa he/she knows
sappiamo we know
sapete y’all know
sanno they know
scegliere to choose
scelgo I choose
scegli you choose
sceglie he/she chooses
scegliamo we choose
scegliete y’all choose
scelgono they choose
sedere to sit
siedo I sit
siedi you sit
siede he/she sits
sediamo we sit
sedete y’all sit
siedono they sit
spegnere to turn off
spengo I turn off
spegni you turn off
spegne he/she turns off
spegniamo we turn off
spegnete y’all turn off
spengono they turn off
tenere to keep
tengo I keep
tieni you keep
tiene he/she keeps
teniamo we keep
tenete y’all keep
tengono they keep
volere to want
voglio I want
vuoi you want
vuole he/she wants
vogliamo we want
volete y’all want
vogliono they want
morire to die
muoio I die
muori you die
muore he/she dies
moriamo we die
morite y’all die
muoiono they die
udire to hear
odo I hear
odi you hear
ode he/she hears
udiamo we hear
udite y’all hear
odono they hear
venire to come
vengo I come
vieni you come
viene he/she comes
veniamo we come
venite y’all come
vengono they come
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