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unit 2

adjourn to stop proceedings for a time to move to another place
alien a citizen of another country foreign strange
comely having a plesent appearance
compensate to make up for to repay for services
dissolute to lose ones morals or behavior
erratic not regular or consistent different from what is ordinarly expected
expulsion the process of driving or forcing out
feint a deliberately deceptive movement; a pretense; to make a deceptive movement
fodder food hoses or cattle raw material for a designated purpose
fortify to strengthen bulid up
illegible difficult or impossible to read
jeer to mak fun of rudely or unkindly
lucrative bring in money profitable
mediocre average ordinary undisinguished
proliferate to reproduce increase or spread rapidly
subjugate to conquer by force bring under complete control
sully to soil stain tarnish defile besmirch
tantalize to tease torment by teasing
terse brief and to the point
unflinching firm showing no signs of fear not drawing back
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