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Video Production

Long Shot Camera views objects from a long distance
Medium shot Camera views an object from a medium distance
Close-up Camera views an object from a medium distance
Extreme Close-up Camera gets a magnified view of an object
Shot One interrupted running of the camera
Sequence A series of shots together
Scene A segment that is complete in itself
Cut A change from one shot to another
Matched cut Cutting from one shot to another continuity
Jump cut Cutting from one shot to another without continuity
Inter-cutting Cutting back and forth from one scene to another when both scenes are happening at the same time
Cut-in Insertion of detail close up drawn from the main action close up of hands when somebody is shaking hands
Cut-away Insertion of detail outside of but to related to the main action
Establishing shot A shot used at the start of a scene to begin to establish where the action is taking place
Empty shot A shot that waits a moment then shows the actor walk in no action is taking place
Zoom Going from a long shot to a close-up or vise-versa in one fluid motion
Fade To gradually go from a black or white screen to a picture
Pan Moving the camera from side to side horizontally
Track To move the camera parallel to the action
Tilt/Boom Moving the camera up and down
Dolly Placing the camera on wheels and moving it to follow the action
Arc shot Slowly circling the object
Dissolve The fade-out of one image as another images fades in over top the other
Multiple transition Use of more than one technique
Defocus To un-focus or blur the subject used for a flash back
Visual confusion Anything that confuses the picture
Still A single photographic image
Static shot The camera is stationary on a tri-pod
Pop-in Pop-Out Record for a second, pause place and object down, and the start recording it looks like the image magically appeared and vise versa
3 steps to making a video Storyboard,Shoot,Edit
Created by: Naylor
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