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Lung CA cards

Lung cancer, radiation therapy, treatment

What is the most effective single-agent drug used for lung cancer patients? (chemo) cisplatin
In reference to SCLC what combination chemo may have a dramatic response when used with radiation? Cistplatin and etoposide
What is the standard care for lung ca patients? Systemic chemo with external radiation
If using hyperfractionation what is the dose and rate? 120cGy bid to 7200cGy.
What is the standard care plan for lung ca in regards to dose? chemo and rad at 4500cGy, boost to 6500-7000cGy at 180/200cGy. Boost is often obliques to divert off cord and other crit organs.
What are the critical structures in lung ca RT? Heart (40Gy), Esophagus (55Gy), Lung (17Gy), Cord (47Gy)
How are lung fields setup? With a 2-2.5cm margin around tumor and around nodal groups in risk.
What tumors are associated with horner's? Pancoast tumors
What are the symptoms associated with pancoast tumor presentation? Shoulder, arm pain, horner's, atrophy of hand muscles
What might be used in the setup of a field (immob devices)? Vac-lock bag, wing-board, pad below waste, knee sponge
What is the td 5/5 for the heart? 40 gy
What is the td 5/5 for the lung? 17 gy
What is the td 5/5 for the esophagus? 55 gy
What is the td 5/5 for the spinal cord? 47 gy
When referencing the lymphatic drainage what is the order? intrapulmonary, hilar, mediastinal, supraclavicular
With lung ca RT what dose may be recorded to make sure it is not to exceed a certain point? Cord dose, this is due to the ap/pa fields.
What syndrome associated with radiation induced transection of the cord can occur due to overdosing cord in lung ca RT? brown-Sequards, involves paralysis and loss of sensations such as pain and temp dependent on level spine involved.
What are the overdosing complications that can occur in regards to the heart? pericarditis, if 2/3 or more receive 4500-5500
What occurs due to the dose the adjacent lung is receiving? pneumonitis followed by fibrosis. Pneumonitis can cause dyspnea, fever, night sweats, cyanosis.
What energy will be used to treat lung ca? 6-10 mv
What is the dose range for tumor control of bronchogenic ca? 60 - 75 Gy
When tx is combination of chemo and rt what is the total dose? 30 Gy to 50 Gy
If a pt is being treated accelerated hyper what is the length/dose/daily dose? 23 days, 7360 cGy, 160 cGy BID
Created by: emeriken1277
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