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articulaton between the articlar processes is called ________ zygapophseal joints
superior and inferior vertebral notches make up the foramen magnum
intervetebral foramna of c spine open __ degrees anteriorly and ____ degrees inferiorly 45 and 15
z joints on the t spine form and angle of ___ with msp 70-75
rotate bodey _____ degrees from laeral to demonstrate the z joints of the t spine 15-20
dens within the foraman mag is called the ___ method fuchs
ap axial c-spine ______________ is palced perpind to table line drawn fronm lower edgeof upper incisors to tip of madtoid
wehre should the cathode e placed for an ap thoraci spine toward the feet
to reduce the curve of the L-spine for ap what two things can you do flex hips, flex knees
__________ is paced perpindicular to the table for lateral l-spine mcp
z joints on L-spine, the patient is angle is 45 degrees
which of the following cant women be sheilded for a)sacrum b)coccyx c) hip sacrum and coccyx
waht scale of contrast is used for the coccyx short scale
the__________ method is used for t adn L spine during a scoliosis series ferguson
there are ___ movebale vertarae in the adult 24
vertebral body and arches surround the space called the veterbral foramina
what are teh articulatig surfaces called on the vertebrae facets
the anterior facet on the inferior articular process is locaterd on its ________- surfaxce anterior
which verterae contains both anterior and posteror arches cervical
what kind ofr joijnts are the intervetebral joints of the spine cartilagionous- symphysis
z joints of spine are synovial gliding
for the swimmers, teh recommended position of the humeral head farthest from the IR is inferior
for the t spine, center teh thorax where posterior half to center of grid
1/4 of the spine is made of intervetebral disks
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