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Drivers Ed Quiz 2

To get your permit you must... 1. Be 16 with parent consent 2. Be in a BTW class 3. pass knowledge and vision test
To get a permit validate... 1. Practice 6 months 2. Restrictions
What are the restrictions of a permit validate? 1. no driving 11:01pm-5:01 am 2. no wireless/handheld devices 3. Adult supervision must be 21 yrs and drive 3yrs
To get a provisional license... 1. must be 17 yrs old 2. completed 6 months of supervised driving without suspensions 3. pass road test 4. restricition
Restrictions for a provisional license 1.No driving between 12:01am-5am 2. no wireless/handheld devices 3. passenger from same address and 1 more passenger 4. everyone must wear seatbelts
Test failure could be due to not just driving but... 1. no regristration 2. unsafe tires 3. mechanical problems
What is the point of Drivers Ed? Create conscious and competent drivers
What is the #1 killer of all U.S teens? car crashes
What is age do most people get killed? 15-24
Everyday ____ people die in this age group. 29
NHTSA fact collision risk was _____ times greater within 10 mins after a cell phone call began 3-6.5x
Stats say a _____ device does not provide a safer driving environment. Hands free device
___ percent of teens surveyed said passengers distract them 47%
With 1 passenger in the car chances of a crash increase _____ %. 50%
With two passengers in the car the likelihood of a crash is ___ times more. 3x
at ___ mph in 2 seconds you will travel half the length of a football field. 60mph
Car seatbelts are made to handle ____mph and below. 65mph
_______ law says you will be charged wth reckless driving which is 5pts or if you kill someone vehicular homicide. Maggie's
You are 250x more likely to be in a car accident than a _______ crash. plane
Created by: AmandaaC
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