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Hydraulic pump fundamentals

Vacuum refers to what principle in a hydraulic system? Inlet Restriction
Inlet Restriction that is too low could cause? Aeration
Inlet restriction that is too high could cause? Cavitation
Volumetric Efficiency of a pump refers to a the pumps ability to? Deliver proper GPM at rated PSI when the Prime Mover is turning at PTO speed.
Internal Draining in a pump refers to? Aeration
Some internal leakage in a pump is used to? Cool, Lubricate, and Seal the pumps internal components.
Which pumps that are internally Drained? External Gear, Balanced vane, Gerotor Pumps
Which pumps are externally drained (Case Drain Line to tank)? Radial Piston, Axial Piston, Unbalanced Vane, Bent Axis
What could cause Cavitation in a hydraulic system? Bent Suction line, clogged Suction Screen, Breather plugged, low oil level
To determine pump flow a flow Meter is placed in ______ with the outlet line of the pump? Series
Improper installation, Cavitation and Contamination couild cause a premature pump ______ ? Failure
to Destroke an Axial Piston Pump the Pressure Compensator acts on the _____ to center the pistons. Swashplate
Stand By pressure refers to? Pressure between the pump and DCV when the pumps is destroked and flow had stopped.
An Over Center Axial piston pump allows the pump to? Create flow in either direction
Load Sense refers to the ability of a pump to sense the pressure at the ______ Actuator
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